Filled Courgette Flowers

A colleague at work asked if I would be using any of the courgette flowers on our courgette plants this year. The answer was ‘no’. I love filled courgette flowers but I much prefer to watch (and then eat) a fully grown courgette. But they stayed on my mind. I had tried them before and had really enjoyed them. There is something special about them, like the whole world hasn’t yet caught on and they aren’t turning up on every street corner yet. So when I saw them at the farmers market I purchased a couple of packs.

The flower is just the shell for whatever filling you put in it. Mine consisted of 1/4 cup goats cheese, 1/4 cup cream cheese, herbs and seasoning. After taking the stamen out of the flower they are ready to be filled, twisted and dipped into batter and gently fried.

These were pretty to look at and tasted really good. The little courgette cooked enough but hadn’t gone all mushy.

The great thing about these, is that you can fill them with anything. Dorie Greenspan has a recipe in her new book for shrimp and I can imagine Parma ham working really well curled inside the flower.

~ Pru


5 thoughts on “Filled Courgette Flowers

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