Lump & Sleeping

First off, there is no good title for this. I’m not witty enough. It’s the best my head could come up with.

So, last Sunday I discovered a lump. The doctor has confirmed that my mind isn’t playing tricks on me and that further investigation is needed. I have an appointment on the 22nd for the hospital to have a look and do their thing and work out what the hell is in there.

Who knows. It might be nothing. Obviously though, my head has gone to the other end of the scale, and I seem to be Googling all manner of things at the moment.

So. I don’t really sleep much, and I’m not hungry, and I’m pretty useless at the moment. My poor boss has taken to correcting my mistakes and is being very kind and lenient about my lack of ability.

Earlier I stood in M&S contemplating buying my lunch. My choice in the end wasn’t bad but all I could think of was my lump and my bed. I so want to get some sleep. Rioting (police sirens and a general sense of ‘what is that noise?’ + lump = me being very, very sleepy and pretty upset.

I think that whatever the outcome is, it will help me to prioritise the important stuff and work out my life a bit more. I’ll keep you updated. And if you would be so kind as to keep me in your thoughts until the 22nd when I find out what’s going on. The waiting is awful.

~ Pru


2 thoughts on “Lump & Sleeping

  1. You, my friend, are indeed in my thoughts and prayers. Let’s hope we can get you to the ‘other side’ of the scale after the 22nd. Please do keep me posted. xo

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