I felt poorly on Monday but armed with bottles of juice (which I always turn to whenever I feel a bit ill) struggled through until lunch where I ate a vat of soup and had a colleague make me a hot water bottle. Yep. I keep a hot water bottle in my desk drawer. But by Monday night I knew that I was going to take to my sick bed.

What did I do? Mum took me to the supermarket and we stocked up on bottled water (it’s easier than jugs being brought up and down the stairs), more juice, tissues, ice cream, face wipes, what turned out to be the worst magazine of all time, and more soup. I forgot the Nurofen and nearly cried when there were no painkillers in the house! Since Monday night I’ve been in bed.

Finally My fever has broken and I’m not going through the boiling hot/freezing cold stage anymore which is a wonderful thing. I had some very strange dreams!

I have just had my first shower since Sunday and I’m sitting on the sofa wrapped in a blanket. I’m finally able to get out of bed and sit downstairs. And my head hurts less. I’m finally getting better and I can’t wait until I’m feeling fully better again

Oh, and my biopsy confirmation letter came back today – a fatty lobule. Never have I felt so happy!

So, no gardening post this week and maybe no posts next week either. Just be grateful that I haven’t put up any photos of me in my sick bed!

~ Pru


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