Savoury French Toast

I couldn’t decide if this was a lunch thing or a breakfast thing.  I plumped for it to be a brunch thing.  Mum and I ate this whilst watching the rugby.  I love the rugby.

It was Lyndsey’s choice for this week’s Martha Mondays.  We very rarely have French toast in our house as mum wants it to be more toast-like and not so squidy.  I like it with sugar and brown sauce (HP sauce) but I never make this for myself.  Just like I never make pancakes just for me.

We really enjoyed this although I think I would make some alterations if I made this again – not sure what though.  I didn’t soak the bread for 10 minutes as I thought it would just dissolve and I used a little dried thyme as that always works well with mushrooms.

~ Pru


4 thoughts on “Savoury French Toast

  1. The soaking time was a bit long I agree, but I used a pretty dry sourdough that took a while to get wet, so I did maybe half that time. I thought the recipe said to cut the bread in to 3 strips from each slice (am I wrong?) and I would have preferred it in whole slices like yours.

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