Cauliflower Soup – The Good, The Bad and The Sinful

Its a new year and a new blogger has joined our happy group of Martha Mondays bloggers.  Want to join?  Head on over to Brette’s blog and email her.

Elizabeth March Designs chose Cauliflower Soup with Greens (this is the good bit) from the January 2012 issue of Martha Stewart Living.  (Not currently on the website).

I admit that I was skeptical before I made this and I remained skeptical as I cooked it.  There are some things that I didn’t like:  four cloves of garlic I swear is a typo, this is far too much.  Purified water (I used tap) should have been replaced with stock.  This is the type of recipe that I try when starting a new diet and end up eating a Mars bar instead.  It’s too healthy and a bit dull for no reason.

So, I cooked it to the stage where I would have added the kale and then I couldn’t take it any more.  (This is the bad bit).

I fished the cooked cauliflower out of the garlic water and reached for my phone.  Martha offered no decent cauliflower soup recipe, so I turned to my new favourite cook, Nigella.  Nigella to the rescue with Cauliflower Cheese Soup (And this is the sinful bit).

I had to adapt the recipe as my cauliflower was already cooked, but this recipe is a winner.  I made this on Friday night and then after returning from Ikea on Saturday morning we enjoyed this for lunch with crusty bread.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else thought and I hope you weren’t as downhearted about the recipe as I was (I doubt you were).  I will be sticking with Nigella’s recipe, and I hope you try it too as it is scrummy!

~ Pru

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6 thoughts on “Cauliflower Soup – The Good, The Bad and The Sinful

  1. It felt like diet soup to me too, which is why I added some cheese. It wasn’t inedible although I would most definitely have preferred Nigella’s version to it! Love the new header and look of your blog!

    • The more I looked at the recipe and the sad cauliflower cooking in all that garlic, I knew I had to change it. Nigella’s recipe is good, and actually not that sinful! Thank you for noticing the new header and look of the blog, you are the first person to notice it!


  2. I am so far behind on my blogging and here I thought it would be better after the new year. You sound like me changing it up a bit. So what did you do with the kale? I like your version.

    I like your new header, nice look for your blog. (I did notice just haven’t commented yet) 🙂

  3. The soup was not really all that bad. However, I did use chicken broth instead of water, and I used a lot more dill and onions. In the end it tasted wike mashed up vegetables. Nothing like roastbeef and mashed potatoes, of course, and not like cauliflower cheese soup either. Your post was funny!

  4. (Bhplsing)…oous…guess my fatigue is showing as my comment above was made on the wrong blog. So sorry. The part about the DT having wonderful samples for inspiration is very true for OCC as well!

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