Dale Chihuly Exhibition

I’m one of those people who loves going on holiday and finding time just to wander around.  Deciding whether to go left or right with no goal in mind, just to find whatever I find.  This drives some people mad, but I have found some of the best parts of cities and towns just by wandering.  And I try to do this when I’m at home too.  I like the spur-of-the-moment decision to walk home through the park or to go off the track on a Saturday when I have nothing better to do than to take a walk and see where I end up.  Mum and I had time to do some wandering in December and although I knew that I wanted a visit to Anthropologie (only my second ever visit where I have left without spending a penny) there was nothing else on our agenda.

We took the bus and jumped off in Picadilly and after a quick breakfast of scrambled egg and coffee in Patisserie Valerie, we strolled along Burlington Arcade and only Old Bond Street with the beautiful jewellers and their traditional but oh so pretty Christmas decorations.

But the beauty was still to come.  Without knowing about it, we were about to stumble across an exhibition which I long ago missed when it was held at Kew Gardens.  The Dale Chihuly Exhibition at the Halycon Gallery.  I’m not really one for galleries.  They scare me, and I’m out of my depth if asked a question.  I like things because I like them.  I like them for their colour or some tiny little thing about them which probably no one else has even thought about.

But the staff were so friendly and welcomed us in from the cold and pointed out that the exhibition was free and that we were very welcome to walk around and enjoy.  We were even told which way one of the curators thought was the best order to view the pieces.  I think he was right.

It’s now the end of January and I am still thinking about this exhibition.  If it is on in your home town or city then I urge you to go and visit.  They are incredible.

~ Pru

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5 thoughts on “Dale Chihuly Exhibition

  1. Wow, stunning! Thanks for sharing and thanks for reminding me of Patisserie Valerie which was my local coffee shop in Brompton Road, Knightsbridge, just seconds away from where I worked 🙂

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