Soft Pretzels

It’s Martha Mondays time again and I looked forward to this week’s task ‘Soft Pretzels‘ chosen by Lyndsey as I  had been planning all week to ‘hunker down’ at home and do some baking and rest.  Also, having snow meant that hunkering down was the best thing to do!  I’m not usually one for pretzels, and I rarely see soft pretzels in cafes but I am pretty fond of those tiny hard pretzels (especially the ones covered in chocolate).


These were easy to make and I enjoyed the process.  I find kneading dough very therapeutic.  I don’t think I would make them again as I am still not that keen but I am pleased that I know how to make them.

~ Pru

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6 thoughts on “Soft Pretzels

  1. You can buy hot soft pretzels at every mall in America and sometimes there are two different stands in each mall that sell them! You can also buy them frozen here in the grocery store. I too love the little ones covered in chocolate, especially dark chocolate.

    • It’s strange isn’t it, the difference in our two countries? Mine unfortunately weren’t the prettiest of things, but the next time I see somewhere selling soft pretzels I will have to purchase one and see if I can start to like them more.

  2. Hi Pru! Great job on the pretzels! Soft Pretzels are a Philadelphia tradition because they were brought over from Europe by Germans who settled this area a couple of centuries ago. In the city you can find a pretzel stand (street food) in just about every corner. It was my favorite after-school treat: A soft pretzel topped with mustard. These days “Auntie Anne” is a popular company that sells pretzels in malls. The company started around here in the Philadelphia area and has gone nationwide. I guarantee you will love Auntie Anne’s. They make their dough really fluffy and when the pretzels are baked they dip them in butter. They smell so good! You can eat them plain (smothered in butter), or you can have them with toppings such as sugar-cinnamon or almonds.

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