Time to do a download and update of my phone and I thought that this was the ideal time to show you some things that have been going on from this week.  It’s been busy.

Monday saw me turn 29 and I actually really enjoyed my birthday.  Usually I dislike it to the point of hating it, but I turned to my new support team (Twitter) and my twiends Dionne and Inspired Budget came through with advice on how to enjoy my birthday.  And you know what?  It actually worked.  When asked I gave ideas on what I wanted for my birthday, where I wanted to eat.  I turned down lunch with my work colleagues for lunch with a dear friend on Monday and had lunch with my work friends on Thursday instead.  It was great.

A little bit of advice for you which I think everyone should learn.  If you are happily sitting in a restaurant, magazine on the table next to your (well deserved) vodka and lemonade and your iphone keeping you up to date on all things Twitter when a smelly man stinking of BO sits down at the table next to yours, here is what you should do.  Move.  State to the waiter that its due to being cold or too hot, but get up quickly.  Grab your stuff before you heave.  Don’t go to your new table passing lots of other tables with your bag and magazine and coat over one arm whilst knocking down a huge stack of napkins.  Its highly embarassing if you do that.  Just so you know.

But I did enjoy a lovely meal on my own on Tuesday before singing class and I realised how much I need a little alone time to read a magazine and eat dinner.  I will be treasuring my Tuesday evenings.  Two hours to kill with nothing else to do but find the nearest restaurant with wi-fi and gelato.

I was like a baker checking on a souffle through the oven door on Thursday night.  Except it was me looking out of the window and checking on the snow.  It was quite heavy at times but it dissolved pretty quickly on Friday morning and there wasn’t even enough for a snowman 😦

And then the weekend arrived and the house looked looks like a bomb hit it.  The loft is being reinsulated on Tuesday and so everything that is usually chucked carefully placed up there had to come down.  It was actually rewarding and calming.  All of my sister’s things have been placed in the back shed for her to collect and the rest of the items are currently in the spare bedroom, my parents bedroom and the kitchen.  I can’t wait to put it all back into the loft.

As well as the things from the loft I took time to sort out my room and the paperwork that seems to be accumulating whenever I look around.

I liked the idea of doing some baking for Valentines Day but knew that I would never get it all sorted out on a Monday evening so these are coming to work with me tomorrow, if by then I haven’t eaten them all.  The recipe is on David’s site and they are delicious!

  I hope you have a great week!  Did you have a busy weekend too?

~ Pru

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4 thoughts on “Download

  1. Happy birthday Pru! I didn’t see any tweets about (I am trying to pare down my Twitter acct – I follow 500 people so I miss too much), so I’m sorry I missed it. It sounds like you had a nice time. I love your Tuesday evening plan. Having some time to yourself like that is just wonderful and energizing! And I laughed at the story about having to move tables! It sounds like you took control of your life this past week.

  2. Happy Birthday Pru!! Lovely post here, I enjoy spending quality time by myself, and it does feel so good to get things cleared up!

    I haven’t been able to spend much time on the computer (very slow anyway) and I have been busy with family visiting from Michigan, so I took a few days off (I have many sick days built up and 6 personal days that I will loose if I don’t use them) really good to spend time with them since we weren’t able to make it there this year!

    Have a happy Valetine’s Day!

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