Hearts and Glitter

I am going to be making a big deal about Action Aid and child sponsorship this month.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to start preaching (which a blog I usually love started to do the other week and has lost my interest).  So, no preaching.  No ‘I’m so wonderful’ or ‘You must do this’.  No, this is where I am going to post the letters I send to the child I sponsor, Gift, in Malawi and the letters and drawings which I receive back.

Now, letter writing isn’t my strong point.  Years back I used to write to my grandparents every month and now I write to my grandfather every couple of months but they are typed in large font (he can’t read my scribble anymore!) and are pretty basic.

Writing to a ten year old is completely new.  I don’t even know a ten year old.  But this is not a ten year old who can relate to things that a ten year old would know about in the UK like Justin Beiber and FaceBook.

I aim to write every month and the other week I received a beautiful drawing from Gift but which highlighted that whilst she might be ten, her education is not as high as that of a ten year old here, and in fact I need to tailor my letters to maybe a six year old.

I am aiming now for simple letters which are pretty and fun.  I think I will be moving more towards cards rather than my two page letter which no doubt leaves her (and the Action Aid workers) very, very confused!

So, Valentines Day is coming up and I stood in front of all those red and pink cards with declarations of love.  Urgh!  I so need a boyfriend or lover who might send me cards and flowers.  But anyway, a card possibly without a declaration of anything, but something fun.  I think I found a good one.

Now sending gifts is highly discouraged but I hear rumour that some sponsors do send little presents and these heart stickers from Paperchase seemed ideal (and I purchased 64 of them so that her friends can have them too).

Letter writing is still hard.  I kept this letter pretty simple.  I have plans for an Easter card and another fun project too.  Details next month, and the month after that, and the month after that too.


~ Pru

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