Lime Squares

Just the other week I was thinking about making lemon bars and then Megan chose Lime Squares for this week’s Martha Monday’s project.

Between printing off the recipe and writing a shopping list and then entering the supermarket, I forgot to buy pistachios so I had to make a few adjustments.

Graham crackers still elude me in the UK and instead I used digestive biscuits as I would if I was making a cheesecake.  I used six ounces of biscuits to make up for the missing pistachios.

~simple ingredients for the crust~

Now, I didn’t have a small enough baking dish and instead used a longer one, so my squares don’t have an edge to them.  Also, when I made the filling I realised that I didn’t have enough so used 1 1/2 times the quantity.

~filling meeting crust~

I was so pleased that this was easy to make and didn’t require every pot and pan in the house.  I also watched the video online beforehand and I always find the videos very helpful with clever little tips, like juicing the limes quickly after zesting them as they breaking down once they lose their outer skin.

The verdict?  We enjoyed these alot.  They are quite soft and crumbly but I don’t mind crumbs, and mum did comment on the amount of condensed milk and therefore I won’t be eating more than two of these (the rest are going into work).  Also, I couldn’t taste the lime that much and I think if I made these again I would add more lime and possibly a little green food colouring, otherwise they could easily pass as lemon.

I can’t wait to see what everyone else thought.

~ Pru

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6 thoughts on “Lime Squares

  1. I didn’t realize you don’t have graham crackers there! I agree that they could pass as lemon bars easily. In fact, I thought I had a lime and I didn’t so I used lemon zest. I did have bottled lime juice however.

  2. I have found in any “lime” recipe, I’ve always had to add more zest or juice to get the full flavor. It seems as though the intensity of flavor fades when you cook with lime. Nice looking bars though!

  3. Yours looks beautiful. The crust is similar to what you would use in a cheese cake…interesting that you can’t find graham crackers over there. I was lucky to have a box of graham cracker crumbs already in the cupboard. I didn’t use the whole amount of nuts, maybe that is why I had just enough crust for the filling. They were yummy.

  4. I made them too! They were really good! I read your post before I made them and I added more lime juice. Thanks, for the advice, Pru. Had one tiny bite just to see how they tasted. The rest went to company. Have a great week!!!

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