Mid March at the allotment and in the garden

Such a long title!  I honestly couldn’t think of anything nippy or fun.  It is what it is.

Work has begun on the allotment.  Mum and I are taking on half of the allotment this year, and although dad has been very tardy in beginning work on his section (!) mum and I have begun plotting and planning and this weekend we spent four lovely hours weeding and planting our first crops.

We have planted two new rhubarb plants but cannot eat from them for a year – they need time to mature.  We were lucky with this rhubarb plant last year though and I am already dreaming of poached rhubarb and rhubarb tarts – expert posts and recipes in the near future.

The garden pretty much takes care of itself, we are fortunate that we have very few weeds and although the roses have just been pruned and the deadheading of the hydrangeas has also been done I know that soon there will be a hive of activity.  Last autumn we set about planting more bulbs.  Daffodils and irises mainly.  I am still not keen on tulips in the garden and prefer to pick them up from the florist for indoor fun instead.

So, how is your garden coming on?  I know the daffodils are slightly early but I couldn’t be happier to finally have some colour popping up.


~ Pru

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7 thoughts on “Mid March at the allotment and in the garden

  1. Oh, yes!!! Gardening season is here! Our weather has been warm, and I have spring fever. I will be planting some pansies tomorrow. Do you prune your roses in spring? I prune mine in the autumn. Am I doing something wrong? Your flowers look so pretty! Happy gardening!!!! Let’s have a great time this year!!!

    • Hey, I am not anonymous. This is Ana, from Sweet Almond Tree. I forgot to ask you what the beautiful red flower on the branch is. What type of tree of bush does it come from?

      • I thought it was you when I was reading the comment! Hi Ana!

        Pansies brighten everything up don’t they? We prune our roses in March but lots of people do them in autumn instead. http://www.awaytogarden.com has lots of tips on roses and I am sure that Margaret will be able to tell you who is right or wrong.

        The blossom is from a crab apple tree overhanging from our neighbours garden. I couldn’t help but photograph it, its so pretty.

        Have a great weekend Ana.


  2. How lovely getting in the garden again after the winter. Spring is my favourite season. I miss having a garden! We’ve been living in a tiny 2 bed apartment since November. Not long to wait though. We”ll be moving into our new home at the end of April. It has a gorgeous garden and veggie patch 🙂

  3. I am trying to get outside with my camera and take some pix of our garden. We planted a slew of bulbs in the fall and they are all coming up! I’m so excited. We’re having unnaturally warm weather here, so things are weeks and weeks ahead of schedule. We also started an herb garden last fall. My oregano and chives are coming up.

  4. Hi Pru, your garden looking great at this time your flowers looks so beautiful. I Am traveling Early April for Easter to Lebanon I can’t wait to see the garden and our cherry bloosom trees. Will take pics and share with you. Have a wonderful weekend
    PS your recipe posts are amazing Pru!

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