Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside

I may have found something that I love.  No, nothing food-related!  Beach huts.

Beach huts in Bournemouth to be precise.

The other weekend I was in Bournemouth for a hen party weekend.  And in between drinking fabulous cocktails, dancing and partying until 4am, I managed a quiet walk along the beach.

If you are ever in Bournemouth and awake at 7am on a Sunday morning, grab your camera and walk along to Boscombe.  The nicest walk I have done in ages.  I think being on my own, after being with friends since Friday morning (at work), was just what I needed.  I need a little bit of space on my own and I had been itching to do this walk since arriving in Bournemouth.

Oh!  And because it was a hen party AND St Patrick’s Day weekend, it seemed only right to be dressed in a green tutu.  Photo not the best (I look like a supermodel usually!) but you get the idea!  Mock if you must!

~ Pru

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6 thoughts on “Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside

    • Thanks Norma! The sheds are the beach huts and they are either owned or rented by families. A lot of them have a little kitchen and are used to store deckchairs and towels. When I visited a family were enjoying the beach and the parents were sitting outside the beach hut at a little table and chairs.

  1. I am lovin’ these beach huts…all those colors and the view! I would have to get up extremely early to catch the light just right 😉 The tutu is too too cute! You rock! 🙂

    • I couldn’t believe how pretty the beach huts were, there were so many of them, all in a different shade. I am still thinking about them two weeks later!

      This old girl is pretty much up for anything. The tutu might become my accessory of 2012!

  2. I love the colorful beach huts. There was an area with huts like that in Aruba, but they were more like shacks I would say! Not nearly as pretty. And the tutu is pretty fab.

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