Eggs at Easter

I had been counting down the days until Easter.  By Thursday I was sure that it was in fact Friday as I was sure that I had already worked five days – its been busy like that.

I had planned to go to Borough Market today but found that I really didn’t need anything and so changed my plans slightly, a walk through St James’s Park (photos from last year are here) and up to Covent Garden to see the eggs.

The walk through St James’s Park is always beautiful.  The tourists meander along tracking down either Buckingham Palace or a soldier on a horse, but stopping to gaze at the beautiful flowers is my favourite thing to do.  It’s calming and incredible to see the attention that goes into these displays.  And then we were off (passing the soldiers on horses) through Trafalgar Square and up to Covent Garden.  I had seen a few of the eggs online and knew roughly what we would see but mum didn’t have a clue that there were so many eggs and the size of the eggs.  More details on the eggs here.

Although it was sunny, it still remained pretty cold and mum and I were so pleased that we stopped for brunch at Bills tucked away in Covent Garden – bubble and squeak with eggs and ham for me, and mum tucked into French toast with banana, strawberries and yoghurt – we highly recommend it.

And then it was time to head home, taking the train back via Hungerford Bridge and my favourite view of the city.

~ Pru


4 thoughts on “Eggs at Easter

  1. Wow! i didn’t know about those eggs. What a fun thing to go see! The park is so pretty as well. I remember walking through it, but you’re right, I was more focused on the palace than the flowers!

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