The Best Dip Ever

I love Pinterest.  I love the idea of my little online scrapbook, taking inspiration from others and sometimes people being inspired by my ‘pins’.

But there is one problem.  Just like when I tear recipes out of magazines or write in the comments setion on blogs that I will make this, a lot of them I never get around to it.

Therefore, when I see a recipe that I actually love the look of, I make it that same day.  So, although the photos enticed me on Pinterest, the recipe enticed me more and the comments too.


I made this a bit more chunky than it should have been and swapped in creme fraiche for the sour cream, but the rest I kept the same and this was wolfed down at home.  Gone in a flash!

If you try it then please let me know what you thought.  Also, are you on Pinterest?  Let me know, I’d love to follow you.

~ Pru

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3 thoughts on “The Best Dip Ever

  1. I was going to say Yum and then clicked it was bacon and I’m veggie! But I have dodged pinterest so far, but you make it sound very appealing 🙂

  2. I wanted to comment on this awhile ago but I just couldn’t do it on the computer I was on. But I came back….this does sound good! Nothing better than all those flavors on a baked potato! YUMMY! 🙂 I would love to spend more time on pinterest!

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