From Where I Cook

I am always intrigued by other people’s kitchens.  I love articles on kitchens, their organisation and I like thinking about other people cooking in their kitchens, like the Martha Monday’s girls.

So, I thought it would be fun to show you where I cook and maybe you might like to come here and show everyone where you cook and bake from (leave a comment if you are interested).

So, here is my kitchen.  It is open plan and needs to be renovated but at the moment, this is what its like:

I took this photo from the stairs so that you could see the general size.  The box on top of the fridge holds all of my baking supplies (and will be the subject of another post soon). 

Everything was moved around a couple of weeks ago and having the kettle and tea and coffee here (above the cups) and next to the drawer with the cutlery is making a lot more sense – I’m wondering what took us so long to make the change.

My little baking section.  The Kitchen Aid has changed the way I bake (for the better) and the recent addition of canisters for flour (the big one), icing sugar (the one on top) and sugar (big glass jar with metal top) make things so much easier.  The other jars contained brown sugar and ground almonds.

All the utensils right next to the cooker.  And two lots of measuring cups now (Martha Stewart ones and Kitchen Aid ones), and the BEST measuring spoons – down to 1/8 teaspoon.

And with spring here, the seeds have appeared – the herb basket was a present for my birthday and it has been such fun watching them grow – basil, parsley, chives and rosemary.

The view from the garden whilst standing at the sink is one of the best places to watch time tick by.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this litle tour.  I’m thinking of showing you the baking box, and the cupboards where everything is kept and also where the pots and pans are kept too.  I’m hoping that you may have some ideas on how better to organise everything.

Oh!  And if you fancy showing off you kitchen here, please contact me.

~ Pru


7 thoughts on “From Where I Cook

  1. I saw the glass jars that you have the brown sugar in just this weekend, I almost got them, but I don’t have the space in my kitchen. I really like to see other’s kitchens and pantries too. I have the sam back spash, I like my little white tiles. Your kitchen is so bright and cheery! Where do you eat? Does it have a breakfast nook or a table in the kitchen? I enjoyed your garden as well. Thanks for the tour Pru. I think everyone would be surprised on how small my kitche really is, we live in and old Florida home built in 1960.

    • I like seeing people’s kitchens too (the pantry and baking box are next on my list to photograph)!

      The rest of the house is painted in the same grey colour and the blue does brighten everything up a bit (although I’m tempted to change the colour again).

      The problem with the kitchen is that when the table is put up there is barely any room so currently the table is in the shed and might reappear for Christmas. We eat in the living room instead and this works out much better for the three of us – although it means that there are never any fancy dinners in our house!

      I still want to see your kitchen please Lyndsey – our kitchen is very small (I think the photos make it look bigger).

  2. Your kitchen looks so neat and clean! I live in military housing and my kitchen is so dark. Plus we have these dark granite counters. I can never tell if I’ve spilled on them or not. I’ve got papers and junk all over my kitchen. I would never ever take a picture of it like you did. Unless I’ve just cleaned it which I never do all in one fell swoop. I think I would LOVE to cook in your kitchen!

  3. Pru, your kitchen is wonderfully organized! It’s amazing to see someone make such good use of kitchen space. My old kitchen used to be smaller than yours, but I made do!

  4. How nice to see where you cook! Having all your tools and staples out like that must make it so easy to bake! I have thought about getting one of those magnetic knife racks. Do you like it? I am always worried I will somehow cut myself on it. You do have a lovely view out your window. I love the blue on the walls and the room seems so bright and sunny! It’s nice that I can now picture where you are when you are baking and cooking.

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