Where Brette Cooks From

A few weeks back I posted photos of my kitchen and I had such a positive response (thank you).  I love looking around other people’s homes, whether in person or on the internet.  I like seeing how people work in their kitchen and how they organise their cupboards and deal with saucepans and baking trays.

Brette, Founder of Martha Mondays was kind enough to share photos with me of her lovely kitchen and I hope you like them and are inspired by them as much as I am.

We re-did our kitchen about seven years ago and I still love it.  The tiles are glass, the counters are Corian, the floors are blue and the ceiling is faux tin.

This is the window about my sink.  On the shelf is my grandmother’s wooden rolling pin and a photo of my other grandmother with some baked goods she made.  I think of them both as my kitchen inspirations in many ways.

This is the counter where I do most of my work.  It’s between the sink and stove and there are lots of outlets for mixers. 

This is the other side of the sink.  It’s my second workspace, but dirty dishes and pots usually end up here.  The food precessor is here and I use that a lot!

This shows my double ovens and stovetop.  One oven has convection which I don’t use that often but do like having it available. 

This is my collection of cookbooks.  My big stand mixer is all the way to the right.  I rarely use it though because I have to pick it up and carry it across the kitchen to the counter I work on.

My embarassing baking drawer (yes, I really did write a book on kitchen organizing!)

I had never heard of (or seen) a faux tin ceiling but I like it alot.  There is something quite industrial about it, but in Brette’s kitchen it also looks homely.  And the little alcove for olive oil above the cooker is such a clever idea, almost hidden until you look carefully.

And I am certainly moving my baking trays from a horizontal mess (where they all collapse because I always need the tray at the bottom!) to them standing vertically.

I will confess too, that I have yet to show my baking box and cutlery drawers and they are completely like Brette’s drawer above (I take heart in that!)

I am so pleased that Brette showed her photos of her kitchen here.  And I love the idea of thinking about her in her kitchen when we are both cooking the same recipe for Martha Mondays!  Thanks Brette.

As well as being the founder of Martha Mondays, a group which I love being part of, Brette has written quite a lot of cookbooks (including a great one on cooking with parchment paper – no mess or fuss) and has a wonderful no-holds barred blog.

If anyone else fancies showing photos of their kitchen then please leave me a comment.

~ Pru


4 thoughts on “Where Brette Cooks From

  1. Thanks for your kind words, Pru. I enjoyed seeing where you cook and bake very much, so I was happy to reciprocate! The faux tin tiles are actually recycled paper that we painted with a metallic paint. I bought them at a hardware store. They slide together and you glue them up. There were many designs. Here in the US a lot of older homes and stores have antique tin ceilings and that was the look I was going for. They say you shouldn’t keep your oil by the stove since the heat can make it go bad, but I use mine up very quickly. I had that little alcove specially designed for that!

    • I think sometimes the rules have to be chucked out especially when it comes to organising a kitchen, and having olive oil close to hand seems like a great idea (I love the alcove so much). And I love the ceiling as well. Ours is just painted white, but when it is next decorated I will certainly be thinking about painting it a fun colour.

      Thanks for showing your kitchen Brette. It is such a lovely, bright place.

      ~ Pru

  2. I loved seeing both of your cooking spaces. And Brette your draw is fine…well used, and isn’t that why we put it in a drawer that we can close, but keep handy?!! I love the glass tiles, that is what I am looking for when I re-do our kitchen. I have such a small space, I would love any counter space! and a dishwasher!

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