You will have to bear with me for the next week or so as as I am becoming (yet again) very patriotic.  Yes, it is time for Great Britain to celebrate again with the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations starting to take place across the land.

Bunting has been strung along the high street and most of the shops in my borough have Union Jacks flying above the stores.  It looks beautiful.  After seeing the Queen the other week I am even more excited.  I have even decorated the house slightly – photos coming on Friday.

At the moment, a barge is being prepared which will be used as part of the jubilee celebrations when the royal family will row/sail down the Thames and be cheered and hopefully no idiot will decide to take a swim.

The barge is called the Gloriana and is currently moored in Richmond and I am truly in love with it and whilst she won’t carry any members of the Royal family, she will be at the head of the 1,000 boat flotilla and is worth £1 million.  The amount of gold on it is incredible and I love seeing so many people with their cameras and phones taking pictures.

Isn’t she beautiful?

According to the security guard at the boat on Sunday, she is due to be moved today (Wednesday) further into London ahead of the pageant on Sunday.

~ Pru


1 thought on “Gloriana

  1. That is a beautiful boat. It’s fun to have something to celebrate, isn’t it? I’ll be watching some of the coverage here and it should be interesting to see.

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