Strawberry Lemonade (Cocktail)


With summer making an appearance very sporodically in London, I have not got into the swing of buying any summer produce.  Apart from a barbecue for breakfast at the allotment a few weeks ago (egg, bacon and toast), we have only eaten outside once.  So Brette‘s idea to make strawberry lemonade had me very quite excited.  I loved the idea of finally hitting the summer berries and having a refreshing drink to make when it finally (I am praying) gets warmer.


This was easy to make, although I swapped the lime for half an orange and didn’t use as much sugar as it stated.


It wasn’t as fruity and strong as I had thought it would be and I wasn’t that keen on it when I drank it on its own or added water to it.  The answer?  Vodka.  This makes a nice cocktail – vodka, a dash of lemonade and then the strawberry lemonade.

Strawberry cocktail time  (Taken with Instagram)

I was at home on Tuesday instead of going to singing group as England were playing in the football and so at half time we had pavalovas – the strawberry lemonade works very well mixed with the strawberries.

So a win with the cocktail and pavlova and a win with England winning!


Fancy joining Martha Mondays?  We are a smallish group (at the moment) who make recipes from any of the Martha Stewart magazines, websites, blogs etc.  Contact Brette for more information.

~ Pru

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