Vanilla Cabinets with Fresh Summer Fruits

I was hoping that by picking a summery recipe for Martha Mondays, that not only would my fellow Martha Mondays friends make it (as they are all American and would have been celebrating Independence Day), but that it would make summer arrive in London.

This was a fun recipe.  Ice cream and lots of summer fruits are muddled together to make a wonderful milkshake which was very rewarding after a day at the allotment.

This was easy to make and when I make it again (and I will be making this) I would just put all the fruit into one saucepan to cook.  Maybe my ice cream was too runny, but I found that it didn’t give layers or red fruit and then blue fruit and so I don’t see the need to separately cook them.

This was such a treat though and we loved it.

~ Pru

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4 thoughts on “Vanilla Cabinets with Fresh Summer Fruits

  1. Is your vanilla ice cream really yellow? Ours is usually very white, but I remember it being much more cream colored as a child. I was just wondering – or maybe it is just the photo? I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was definitely a fun summer recipe.

    • The ice cream I used was quite a creamy colour but I admit to trying to make the photo better (and failing miserably!) so the ice cream looks a bit brighter than it was. I just need a tiny bit of sunshine to be able to take a semi-decent photo! ~ Pru

  2. This looks so yummy. We just got back from summer camp. Summer is definitely arrived here! We’ll be making this sometime this week as soon as I can get to the grocery store.

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