Proms and Palaces

Following a wonderful day at the Paralympics on Friday, we continued the ‘P’ theme with mum and I attending Proms in the Park on Saturday night and then a tour of state rooms at Buckingham Palace on Sunday.

We were graced with gorgeous hot weather and enjoyed the Indian summer weekend (whilst I continued to slap on SPF50!)  First there was Proms in the Park in Hyde Park which I treated mum to for her birthday.  We picked up lots of picnic food and headed into the park with 40,000 people to enjoy a night of great music (Il Divo, Alfie Boe, Bjorn Again and the wonderful Kylie) before we went live to the Royal Albert Hall for the final songs of the Proms.  Mum and I loved every moment of the flag waving and dancing.  It was a fantastic celebration of Britain and there were videos from the Olympics and Paralympics and moments were we remembered the Queen’s jubilee.  I’m already thinking about getting tickets for next year.

And then today mum and I were up early and at Buckingham Palace for a state rooms visit of the palace.  I went about eight years ago with a friend and since then I have been suggesting that my parents attend.  The state rooms are stunning.  Merely the fact of walking around the palace and seeing where the Kate and William had arrived at the palace folowing their wedding, where people recieve Knighthoods and OBEs and the splendour of the palace I don’t think can be matched.  The great thing about the tour is that everyone wheres headphones with audio descriptions given in great detail of every room that you tour.  It is incredible.

Apple juice (from the Sandringham Estate) and cheesecake sitting in the Buckingham Palace tearoom after the tour was pretty special.

And the gardens were spectacular.  There are some places in London where its hard to remember that you are in the middle of a busy city, but this garden was one of those rare tranquil places.

Following the tour we walked up to Hyde Park Corner and looked at the new war memorial which commemorates the Bombers, and was a labour of love for the supporters who campaigned for years for this memorial.  It is beautiful, and although the largest war memorial I have seen, it is understated and blends in so well with its surroundings.  It was sad too though, as floral tributes had been left and continued to be left by families as we stood in awe at the monument.

Its been a busy weekend and most the time I’ve felt like a tourist in my own hometime, but it has been the best weekend too.

How was your weekend?

~ Pru

2 thoughts on “Proms and Palaces

  1. We took a tour of the palace when in London and I will never forget it. The gardens were amazing and like you said, you have no idea you are in the middle of a city back there. It was stunning to be in those rooms. I particularly remember one room where the Queen has a desk in a corner and behind it is a paneled wall that has a hidden door for her to go through. I’ve been thinking I would like to buy a book with photos of the interiors of the Queen’s palaces, since no photos were allowed and I’d like to look at it all again.

    Here, a prom is special formal dance held at the end of your junior and senior years of high school. It sounds like yours was a special event though with lots of great music and memories.

    • If you want me to send a guidebook to you then just let me know, it’s no problem at all.

      Yes, the Proms is a yearly event with lots of classical music events culminating in the Last Night. It’s a bit crazy and very patriotic and at the end everyone sings ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ and ‘Jerusalem’. It was wonderful.

      > Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2012 20:37:35 +0000 > To: >

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