A Weekend in Paris

I went a bit mad last week.  On the Monday I booked a trip to Paris and on Friday lunchtime I had arrived in the capital of France.  I realised that week that I have lost my spontinaity, the ability to abandon thoughts of what a weekend may hold and throw things in a bag and go and explore.  I miss the old me.

But there was a great reason to visit Paris and I am so pleased that I went.  Having friends over from Australia for a holiday has seen me wanting to spend as much time with them and their two adorable children.  They hired an apartment in the 17th in Paris and I booked a hotel in the adjacent street -close enough, but not too close!

And I managed to do quite a bit on this jaunt – Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Couer (in the evening for the view of Paris), Eiffel Tower – arrive before it opens to avoid queuing for too long, bistro lunch, boat trip along the Seine, Notre Damme, Eiffel Tower at night for the light show, flea markets and the Luxembourg Gardens.  I could have done more but this was the perfect weekend for seeing things but relaxing a little too, and spending time as ‘Aunty Pru’ makes me very, very, happy!

This was my first time visiting Paris and I am still wondering why I hadn’t been before.  It takes just over two hours from London.  I will have to return, soon!

~ Pru


9 thoughts on “A Weekend in Paris

  1. I’m so happy you went! It sounds like you did a lot. Paris is on my list! How did you find getting around with the language barrier? It is amazing that it is only 2 hours away for you. New York City is 6 1/2 hours by car or an hour by plane from here (not counting all the airport nonsense of course) and we always feel we should go more often.

    • I’m so happy I went too! Well, I did German at school and my French is very, very basic but I found I could get by with a few odd words and lots of please and thank you. I also found the people helpful when I asked for directions (as I had read that Parisians weren’t always approachable). The Eurostar makes it easier to go, if I had gone to Paris by plane then I would have been put off. > Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2012 21:13:25 +0000 > To: prusinger5@hotmail.com >

      • That sounds intnrestieg, meeting foreign students. Was the non-studying guy a student? From where? Any news on a new roommate? Or why Lilya wasn’t being a good roommate?

  2. Beautiful weekend and you went to the most amazing places Pru, I love Paris. I hope you will visit Paris again, every time you go you find it more beautiful. Love love your photos. You should put them on instagram.
    Best wishes xo

  3. We went to Brasserie Jo on the night before Valentine’s Day to avoid the crazy crowds and actually enjoy a quiet night in the restaurant without feeling rushed. It was on a Monday so the service was impeccable. Our waiter was very attentive and consistently checked in on us, he also helped us alto with the menu since it’s mostly in French. We sat by the window but there wasn’t any kind of draft and we got to people watch at the same time, loved it! The baguette was delicious, the mustard it came with was a bit too spicy for me but my boyfriend loved it. The butter was bland but a little salt helped that out. The carrots were perfect, so crunchy and flavorful.We had the pork belly as an appetizer and it had a great texture, the glaze they used had an Asian taste and we couldn’t get enough of it. We’d definitely get that again. I had the baked lobster special, I would have liked it to have included a bit more lobster. There seemed to be more shrimp on it than lobster but it was still very yummy. My boyfriend had the New York Strip Steak and he thoroughly enjoyed it. The Pomme Gratin it came with was so rich and creamy.If you go here you HAVE to try the chocolate mousse. It was potentially the best I’ve had and, trust me, I’ve had a lot of mousse. They make it table side and drizzle a white sauce on top with little chocolate and white chocolate shavings. So perfect. We ate the whole thing! Probably not the healthiest option but it was for Valentine’s Day. Overall we’d definitely go back, maybe not on a busy weekend night but a week night worked out great!

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