Lucinda’s Orecchiette

I often think of baking as being therapeutic, but I think it is the end result that makes me that happiest.  There is something about displaying a pretty cake or cookies that makes me very pleased and of course, the praise helps too.  So when Lucinda Scala Quinn in the October issue of Martha Stewart Living wrote about making pasta as a way to reduce stress I figured she was on to something.

Turns out pasta making – or maybe having to mold tiny pieces of pasta on to my thumb – is not for me.  This drove me mad and I resulted to using a small spoon to shape the pasta although they never turned out as well as the ones in the magazine.

I changed the pasta sauce recipe as I had planned to make this a few days before and when I went to use the brocolli it was out of date.  So I just cooked onions with garlic and tomatoes and added some herbs.

I might make pasta again at some stage for I do own a pasta machine but I won’t be making this again, it was just too time consuming and with the great pasta available now I just don’t think its worth it.

But I can’t wait to see what the other Martha Monday girls made of it.

This was Sara’s pick for Martha Mondays.  If you fancy joining in next month (its my pick and its a good one!) then head over to Brette’s blog for details.


~ Pru


3 thoughts on “Lucinda’s Orecchiette

  1. I only made half a batch and it was a lot of work, but I sat at the kitchen table watching the news while I did it and it didn’t really bother me. It was easier than making gnocchi. My post will be up on Monday (first Monday of the month).

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  2. I agree that this was not therapeutic in any way! Yours look good as does the sauce you chose. I’m going to post my results tonight. With Hurricane Sandy blowing through, power being out for a while, and my parents visiting, I’m a little behind.

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