Baker Days Cakes

When Baker Days contacted me to ask if they could send me a cake to review I jumped at the chance.  Baker Days let me pick the flavour – vanilla madeira, chocolate, carrot or fruit (gluten free or not).  I picked fruit.  Then it was time to pick the design of the cake.  Knowing that mum, dad and I would be devouring the cake I thought it would be fun to go for a Christmas themed design with a personalised message.

Baker Days sent us one of their Letterbox Cakes – a little cake serving 3 to 4 people in a box with a Christmas cracker and note card and the tin is so pretty and cute.  I think it would be great to receive a cake in the post for Christmas or a birthday.

We all admired the cake, and having never had a cake with a personalised message on it, mum and dad thought it was fascinating how this was achieved.

The cake was great.  Its about one inch think and reminded me of the Mr Kipling Manor House cake which is always a firm favourite in our house.  There was a lot of fruit in the cake and I loved finding cherries inside.  If I hadn’t already baked the Christmas cake, I would certainly be purchasing one of the Baker Days cakes – and finding a decent photo of us all too!

~ Pru


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