Merry Christmas


Actually its evening as I type this.  I have taken to my bed and have the electric blanket warming me, as the West Wing (series seven) plays in the background.  I have twinkly lights on the garland that I made around my window and candles flickering away.  I’m starting to feel more and more festive.

I have enjoyed the last few weeks so much, lunches and dinners and chatting with friends and making time to say the things that I want to say all year around.  I love the time that Christmas gives to celebrate friendships and family.

Next week will be busy.  I’m working until Thursday evening and have fun things to look forward to, like a second Secret Santa lunch tomorrow, a trip to Harrods for a last minute gift, cocktails in town, and a few bits of baking still to be done.  Mum and I are still perusing the cookbooks and looking at ideas for buffet food which we do enjoy along with cheese and ham in the evening.  We have however started eating the Christmas cake that I made since the middle of the week and it is still soft and fruity and really, really good.

I am so pleased that I went with a green and white theme in my bedroom.  I have found it really calming but festive at the same time.  Do you like the garland?

The rest of the house is also decorated and we have changed things around this year with the garlands in different places this year, like along the stairs, and lights in the kitchen this year.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to 2012.  I’m going to be updating the site in between Christmas and the New Year and will be back with better posts from the beginning of 2012.  Thank you for visiting me here and for the kind comments that you have left me this year.  I have loved them all.

~ Pru

Remembering It’s Not All About The 25th

Morning!  The last few weeks have been so hectic and this was due to crazy stuff happening at work and me not taking the action that was required to say ‘No’.  When will I ever learn?  I always think that if I decline to do something then I will get into trouble, but in all honesty, looking back, I think that everyone suffered by me saying ‘Okay then’.  At the end of this I ended up completely out of sorts, I was angry and upset, looked and felt a mess.  It wasn’t pretty.

And so I took to my self-help books for the answer.  As some of you know, I usually turn to Byron Katie, and the thought which I needed to work on was ‘I am being taken for a mug‘.  The answer which flashed up almost immediately was ‘You are letting yourself be taken for a mug’.  ‘You are the mug for allowing this.‘  Everything became more clear immediately.  Yes, it was true. I had allowed myself to take on too much at work and had lost the thread on pretty much everything – home life and work life were suffering.  I was the cause of my own suffering.

The weeks before Christmas are always so hectic and despite finishing my shopping (except for one last stubborn present), having the presents wrapped, cards written, and the house nearly decorated, I seemed to be thinking of nothing else than the 25th December.

Although I love Christmas and December, I actually don’t like Christmas Day itself, I’m more of a Christmas Eve girl where anything is possible still and I want the magic to still arrive.  So, when I saw this on Pinterest I knew that it was speaking to me.  The next couple of weeks are full of late night shopping events, dinners and lunches with friends and a couple of trips into town to see the lights.  I’m remembering that for me, Christmas is this whole time of year and not just on the 25th.

~ Pru

P.S.   I know I posted this a few weeks ago, but I didn’t remember and started amending it as though it was a draft.  Sorry if you read it the first time.

Prioritising for Autumn

It’s been one of those weeks. Everything has annoyed me. Small things like the grocery store not having the shopping that I wanted and then big things like the weather stopping me from doing work in the garden and the fact that so much rain has ruined our tomato plants. Now it’s Sunday evening and I haven’t done half of what I had wanted to do, the baking I did was dreadful (no Martha Mondays from me – didn’t know I could burn jam did you?!) and all of it went in the bin. I’m even further behind now. None of it matters of course, its just one of those things when I have a list of things to do and can’t cross them all off and I wonder when I will find time for them all.

We made the trip to Norfolk on Saturday to see my grandfather. It’s six hours of travel for just under two hours spent with him. It’s going to be happening more often. Things aren’t great in that house despite carers going in daily and a cleaner twice a week and a nurse checking on him two times a week too. We wish he was closer. It’s hard to keep an eye on things when he is so far away. I spent most of the two hours cleaning his kitchen and sorting the groceries out. It’s little things that I keep thinking back to – like the half eaten ready meal of roast dinner. He has eaten half on Friday and would have the rest today. He only eats a small bit, but instead of putting the food in the fridge he keeps it in the larder. He must have a very tough stomach. The fact that the chiropodist still hasn’t visited and needs following up on as his toe nails are in a bad way. There’s going to be some juggling to be done.

The list of things to get done at the weekend will also involve a monthly visit to Norfolk. Trying to find the time is going to be my main goal. I need to get my priorities sorted.

The park was especially peaceful and quiet today (except when we were running for the tree above to escape Violet and another dog running around). We both have this thing were we aim to get to the nearest tree and cling to it as soon as Violet and another dog start running around. We have both been knocked over by a running dog and it is very, very painful! Autumn has arrived and the walk with mum and Violet was perfect to help put things into perspective.


~ Pru

All Clear

After an agonising morning at the hosptial, an examination, ultra sound and biopsy, I was given the ALL CLEAR.  The doctor is sure that it isn’t cancer, but the biopsy will confirm everything for certain.  I should have the results in the next couple of weeks.


Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.  They mean so much to me.


These past couple of weeks have been exhausting both mentally and physically.  I am going to take a quick break from blogging for a while whilst I gather my strength back up.


Off to celebrate tonight.  I’m thinking champagne might be ordered!



~ Pru