Three Days (or 4320 minutes) and Counting

Me on ‘Pink Day’ at work in 2010.

On Monday I have my hospital appointment.  I am literally counting the hours down.  I was so lucky that my appointment could be made within two weeks.  It can take three to four weeks for the initial appointment and I can’t imagine how it would feel to continue wondering for that long.  There ups and downs to having the NHS.  It’s free (which is the upside) but it can be a postcode lottery to see how your care is handled – some places don’t offer certain medications and some do.  All a lottery.  So far, it looks like my postcode has done well.  Also, the hospitals in my area are good, the three closest have good reputations and are easy to get to.  (Can you tell that I have thought a fair deal about all of this?)

The last two weeks have actually gone by quite quickly.  I have had some tears and my head has been full of thoughts on how I would tell people, and what systems I would need to put in place financially if I was to be off work for any length of time.  And then I realised that I was getting way ahead of myself.  This could all be nothing, and by Monday afternoon I might be happily sitting back at my desk typing away and shouting to the world that there was nothing to worry about.   Another upside is that the results should be in on the same day.

I also realised that whilst only a few friends know, I had put it out on the blog for anyone to read.  It’s weird.  I suppose that there is always a distance with blogging.  No matter how close we feel to someone whose blog we read (and I feel very close to some of the people whose blogs I read) I have never met one reader of my blog who wasn’t already a friend and so if I feel rubbish one day or a bit sad I don’t have people saying ‘Are you okay?’ and that is a lovely feeling.  Sometimes the distance can be pretty comforting.

That said, if the news is bad, then I will expect everyone to send me virtual soup and love and best wishes (and I am certain that you would all come through for me with that)!

I have three more days to keep myself busy.  I’m out with the girls tonight, walking to Harrods with mum (7 miles) for breakfast and then to the Origins counter for products (nothing like a good dose of stress to have my skin do unkind things) and then baking and gardening and watching football.  Oh and as my boss is out today, her office is going to be fully sorted out (I’ve done my desk drawers twice already).

Have a good weekend.  By Monday evening I will have posted my results for you all to see.  Please hope that they are all okay.

~ Pru


I honestly cannot believe that another week has passed.  It seems like only a couple of days since I last wrote ‘Weekend’ but doing this weekly post is certainly reminding me that time is ticking on.


So, my plans look like this:


Friday, finish work and head to Harrods.  My loyalty card has an extra 10% off this weekend and so I am going to see if a Kitchen Aid will also be  included in the offer.  I’m hoping that we then head to Wahaca in Soho for some dinner. 


Saturday should be really busy.  It’s time to sort out the compost heap at the allotment so I have been doing some research this weekend.  Of course a trip to the garden centre is required for the right tools and possibly a trip to the bakery for refreshments.  Also, my primary school has its summer fair this Saturday and whilst I don’t usually attend it’s their 200th anniversary and so the school is being opened up for tours.  I’m thinking it would be fun to look around.  I have fond memories of that school. 


And then Sunday, the busiest day of the week.  My old gym are trying to get mum and I to rejoin and so have offered us a free day.  We are aiming to go in the morning but the weather is looking too good to be stuck walking on a treadmill, and I’m thinking a barbecue could be pretty good!


So, what are you up to?  Have a great weekend.




~ Pru


Wow! This week went really quickly for me.  Almost too quickly. But at the same time it seems like Monday was week’s ago.  I think its due to how busy work has been and home life too.


Tuesday was a big day for me.  The girls at work and I had spoken about clothing options, makeup options, hair options for Monday and Tuesday in preparation for date night.  I learnt a lot on date night.  (1) I’m very quick not to blow my own trumpet – he asked about baking and I was very ‘Oh, I’m not that good, everyone seems to eat it though’.  What???? Absolutely crazy – I know that it might not be the most fantastic baking all the time and I’m never going to have a cookbook out but it ain’t all awful.  So, that was lesson one.  (2) Don’t worry so much about the clothing, makeup and hair options.  I looked nice, but I made sure that I wasn’t going to fall over in ridiculous heels and I wore sensible clothing (black linen trousers, pumps and a black Anthro top) so that I didn’t feel uncomfortable.  I don’t think there is going to be a second date but that is fine with me.  It was a good learning experience. 


It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and I am taking mum and dad bowling and for dinner.  Dad want’s ribs.  I would rather go to Jamie Oliver’s.  He will win and I will lose but I suppose that’s okay for one day. 


I’m hoping to finally sort my bedroom out this weekend.  There has been lots of procrastinating over whether to re-do the whole room and buy new furniture or just to sort it out and update it.  I’m going to go with the second idea so shopping is on the agenda.  And then there is the Daring Bakers project to do and Martha Monday’s granita.


Have a great weekend.  What are you up to?


# Pru


I was informing a friend the other day that I had a list of 25 things to do and that I had got to 1.5 on the list.  It’s been one of those weeks!  And I think working my first five day week for the last few weeks has come as a bit of a shock.  Despite my recent health kick and swimming this week it looks like I have another chest infection so I have been using my new inhaler quite a bit and am praying that it doesn’t turn into anything bad – the last one had me at the hospital for x-rays. 


A quiet weekend is what is called for, but I doubt it will be that quiet.  The Singer household is turning into a bakery this weekend.  Last year I blogged that mum and I had done lots of baking for a charity fete and that time of year has come around again.  Lemon Cakes, a German Apple Cake, Chocolate Cake, Bakewell Tarts, cookies and dog biscuits are all on the menu and I will be sure to take lots of photos.  To add to that it is my pick for Martha Mondays and I have chosen Strawberry Shortcakes – do you fancy making them too?  And I’m also going to the do my Daring Bakers challenge.  


Probably not that quiet then.  I must show mum the most fantastic party that the Pleated Poppy did here – I would love to have a party like this, and I can imagine that the vases with pencils will be a gift lots of teacher’s receive as presents in the near future – cheap but really lovely.


Oh, and I have a date next week (Tuesday) so I suppose I had better sort out an outfit as well!



Have a great weekend!  What plans do you have?



~ Pru