Finger Knitted Garland

A little while ago the Nester had a post about finger knitting.  Never had I heard of something like it and neither had anyone I spoke to.  If you haven’t done it and are going to try it then I highly recommend this video on You Tube.  It is the simplest one I have found.

I gave one ago with some spare wool at home and currently it adorns the mantlepiece in the living room.

And of course, then my imagination ran away with me and I decided that this was the perfect adornment for my bedroom window.  At home, we have all wooden blinds and I love them but it makes the windows look pretty plain.  I had a raggamuffin garland across my window (another Nester inspired project), but I get bored and I liked the idea of mixing it up.

I was going to do green, but the choice in the shop wasn’t great so I picked pink/red.

It doesn’t take that long to do and I found it best to watch TV and sit their with my balls of wool.  Note though, its a bugger to start and then stop for a while as you need to find a way to hold the loops in place so make sure you have some spare time and have been to the loo first.

But, when its done it could look like this:

I like the whimsy of it.  I will be changing the colours around again later in the season and I am thinking of a red, white and blue one for the living room in time of the jubilee.

~ Pru



I was informing a friend the other day that I had a list of 25 things to do and that I had got to 1.5 on the list.  It’s been one of those weeks!  And I think working my first five day week for the last few weeks has come as a bit of a shock.  Despite my recent health kick and swimming this week it looks like I have another chest infection so I have been using my new inhaler quite a bit and am praying that it doesn’t turn into anything bad – the last one had me at the hospital for x-rays. 


A quiet weekend is what is called for, but I doubt it will be that quiet.  The Singer household is turning into a bakery this weekend.  Last year I blogged that mum and I had done lots of baking for a charity fete and that time of year has come around again.  Lemon Cakes, a German Apple Cake, Chocolate Cake, Bakewell Tarts, cookies and dog biscuits are all on the menu and I will be sure to take lots of photos.  To add to that it is my pick for Martha Mondays and I have chosen Strawberry Shortcakes – do you fancy making them too?  And I’m also going to the do my Daring Bakers challenge.  


Probably not that quiet then.  I must show mum the most fantastic party that the Pleated Poppy did here – I would love to have a party like this, and I can imagine that the vases with pencils will be a gift lots of teacher’s receive as presents in the near future – cheap but really lovely.


Oh, and I have a date next week (Tuesday) so I suppose I had better sort out an outfit as well!



Have a great weekend!  What plans do you have?



~ Pru

Cinnamon Buns

My newest blog crush, Erin at Lemon Sugar has the most wonderful recipes but her recipe for Cinnamon Buns (which she calls Cinnamon Rolls – but I will continue to call Cinnamon Buns) was the recipe that I wanted to try first and our house was lucky enough to enjoy these for breakfast at the weekend.

The reason we liked them so much, is that they are filling but in a good way, and very bready – in a good way too. They were eaten within seconds in our house. We enjoyed them with and without the cream cheese frosting. And also heated up the next day with some ice cream went down a treat too.

Try the recipe – they really are wonderful!

~ Pru

Martha Moments

Andrew Ritchie’s blog Martha Moments was the first blog I read.  I was searching about Martha Stewart and came across an article Andrew had written about a workshop that he had attended in New York.  From then on I was hooked. 


I have read every post since then and I have been inspired so often.  I have come to make friends with so many bloggers who I cherish so dearly.  Andrew literally opened the world up to me and I love him for that. 


It was with great sadness but understanding that I read this morning that he is stopping Martha Moments.  A blog that I turn to every morning to catch up with all things Martha and with him.  Andrew has his own personal blog so I am sure that I will be found scrolling through that from now on, but I think I will also start from post number one and read back through them one by one. 


Andrew’s style, wit and charm are timeless and I am sure that he will go on to do great thing.  It is a treasure for me to count him as a friend. 


I found this in my drafts from September of last year.  It is very old now.  But when I was having a sort out this morning I found it and felt it needed to be published.

Since then, I have had such lovely comments and I still remain very thankful.


If you ever happen to meet me you will learn very quickly that I am no good at taking a compliment.  Its something that I have known for quite a while but this past weekend I had two reasons to wonder if I am too harsh on myself.  And the answer was obviously, yes. 

My horoscope had read:

“You can expect your life to change in a fairly dramatic way today, Pru. The change may be subtle, at first, but with time and distance you are likely to look back on this day as a pivotal one. You are likely to receive an intriguing piece of news that sets your head spinning with ideas.  Keep your eyes and ears open to all possibilities.”

Well I think it is changing.  I had a really lovely comment on the blog from someone who had never left a comment before, and who I never knew existed which really touched me, and then Kenn tweated that I (amongst others) inspired him.  I was bowled over – I still am!  I have analysed both of these comments over the weekend and I think I am a bit too overcritical of myself.  So, I’m going to aim to give myself a bit more slack and realise that maybe me and the things I do aren’t always not good enough. 


And I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who leaves comments on here, and who clicks on to see what I have been up to.  I enjoy blogging so much and checking in one everyone.  You are my inspiration in so many ways, and if I am ever yours, then I am completely thrilled.




Perfecting Pru’s First Award

Darling Ana at Sweet Almond Tree who leaves me such beautiful – and at times crazy – comments has named Perfecting Pru as one of her top ten blogs.  I am truly honoured.  This is the first award that Perfecting Pru has ever received and it came just days before Perfecting Pru’s one year birthday!

To accept this award there were rules.  These rules involve telling you (whoever reads the blog – please feel free to say ‘hi’) seven things about me.  I have thought long and hard about this and whilst you may already know some of them, you won’t know them all I am sure.  Here they are:

1.  My nickname growing up was Boo.  My dad sometimes calls me it and I love it when he does. 

2.  I am named after a hot water bottle in a film.  It is an old TV Drama called ‘Nuts in May’ about a couple who go camping and when they go to bed the wife says to the husband  ‘kiss Prudence goodnight Keith’ and mum and dad fell in love with the name.  But my name is actually Pru and not, thankfully Prudence. 

3.  I am unsure where my life is heading.  ‘Here’ is not where I planned to be at the age of 27.  I always thought that by now I would have a partner and be thinking of settling down.  That seems a very long way off! 

4.  When I am at work and we play the game ‘if the building was closed down for the afternoon where would you go?’ I usually answer ‘Kew Gardens’.  Although I go so infrequently.  I should aim to go soon. 

5.  Sunday mornings are my favourite.  I love the routine of picking up coffee in Richmond at Starbucks (Grande Latte for me and a Tall Triple Shot Americano for my mum) and then heading to the park with Violet.  I need the coffee to make sure that I can spot any deer around – or that is the excuse I use anyway!

6.  I sometimes wish that I believed in something more than my own set of rules and beliefs.  When I read how other people get through life’s challenges through their beliefs it makes me wish that I did have a religious connection. 

7.  I could watch episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and The West Wing all day long. 

The final part of the deal in accepting the award was to name ten blogs that I love (so in no particular order) (and going over the ten as I could have just referred you to my blogroll where all my favourites are listed)

Andrew Ritchie’s Martha Moments – the first blog I ever read.  I have read every post that Andrew has written and I consider him a dear friend as I do…

Kenn who writes Everyday House Blend.  I started following Kenn after seeing his comments on Andrew’s blog.  Kenn mixes lifestyle articles and items on MSLO well.  He is always kind in his words to me and I am happy every time we are in touch. 

Through Andrew and Kenn’s writings I started reading about Eddie Ross and although this is more of a website than a blog, Eddie and Jaithan are always offering inspiring ideas – even though I never obtain them.

 And through Eddie Ross I read about Seleta who has exquisite taste for clothes and design.  I like the idea of leading Seleta’s life or making my life more like Seleta’s.  Living at the beach would be good too!

 It’s amazing how reading blogs helps you to read other people’s work.  Other favourites are Fly Through Our Window, Elements of Style, The Nester and of course, Edie’s Life In Grace – if you want to see someone living a life in grace during a really hard time then Edie is your gal!

And Icould never forget my lovely Martha Mondays Gals! 

I never fully understood what Brette was trying to do at first, when she would change Martha’s recipes (I understand fully now though!).  If it wasn’t for Brette I would never have got to know Lyndsey who is now incredibly managing three blogs, Megan who I can never match in time or expertise cooking, Sara whose newly designed blog I am in love with and of course Ana, darling, darling Ana.  You all make my writing worthwhile – thank you. xx

Thank you again Ana.  I am truly touched.

Life in Grace

Thinking about it, I cannot remember when I first clicked onto someone’s blog.  It just happened.  But with Edie’s Life in Grace blog, I can pinpoint the day – 31st October 2009.  As part of Edie’s 12 Days of Christmas event Darby at Fly Through Our Window did the first post and ever since then I haven’t missed one of Edie’s posts. 


Just before Christmas, Edie and her family escaped from a fire that consumed their newly purchased home but not their spirits.  When I first read the news I cried and I have found it remarkable that I cried and thought so much about someone who I have never met, but whose life I follow through looking at a computer screen. 


Edie has the grace that I wish I had.  I am ready to admit that I do not think I could have handled things as well as Edie has done.  Instead Edie saw the positives in that her children were unharmed and she was very thankful for that alone. 


Friends have rallied around her and that is testament to what a lovely and kind woman she is.  Her blog has been hijacked so that friends can leave messages of support and link their blogs to Edie’s to show how much we appreciate and love her. 


Most blogs inspire me in one way or another but Edie’s blog is always full of normal life and wonderful recipes and crafts (admittedly which I never really try).  But I did do one craft that was featured – the  ragamuffin garland which you can see here.  Even though the idea wasn’t Edie’s, whenever I think of Edie the garland is the first thing that comes to my mind. 


Edie and her family are continually in my thoughts, but I know for sure that Edie will come out of this time stronger than she was before.