Finger Knitted Garland

A little while ago the Nester had a post about finger knitting.  Never had I heard of something like it and neither had anyone I spoke to.  If you haven’t done it and are going to try it then I highly recommend this video on You Tube.  It is the simplest one I have found.

I gave one ago with some spare wool at home and currently it adorns the mantlepiece in the living room.

And of course, then my imagination ran away with me and I decided that this was the perfect adornment for my bedroom window.  At home, we have all wooden blinds and I love them but it makes the windows look pretty plain.  I had a raggamuffin garland across my window (another Nester inspired project), but I get bored and I liked the idea of mixing it up.

I was going to do green, but the choice in the shop wasn’t great so I picked pink/red.

It doesn’t take that long to do and I found it best to watch TV and sit their with my balls of wool.  Note though, its a bugger to start and then stop for a while as you need to find a way to hold the loops in place so make sure you have some spare time and have been to the loo first.

But, when its done it could look like this:

I like the whimsy of it.  I will be changing the colours around again later in the season and I am thinking of a red, white and blue one for the living room in time of the jubilee.

~ Pru


Embracing January

There’s that time at the end of December when I look at the Christmas decorations with disgust.  The tree is getting tired and I know that soon I will have to box and bag and tag everything and then put it back in the loft.  Urgh.

Usually the house looks very bare and a bit bleak at this time of the year.  No garlands or fairy lights or presents or Christmas cards.  Just plain and a bit quiet looking.    Living in a house with grey walls can sometimes be a bit of a depressing.  Whilst the colour is very calming and goes with anything that we want to do, it can look too sparse.

But just like in the autumn, we have decided to embrace the grey and white for January and so the twigs that we had in the room before the tree arrived have returned with additional twigs and candles and a frosted pinecone wreath which we purchased at the adorable Nina store in Barnes.

Turns out that if a shop sells pretty things and they offer me mulled wine as soon as I open the door, I will most certainly buy things and be planning another visit soon to pick up the earrings that I really should have bought myself in December.  They are still calling to me!

The twigs are sitting on the mahogany bookcase, but after seeing the photo after pasting it into this post, I’m thinking that I might put some photos out.

We had my 20p silver vases on the mantlepiece at Christmas with greenery, red tulips and berries, but they look good still with greenery and the white frosted sticks.

What do you think?  How do you decorate once the Christmas decorations have been put away?

~ Pru

‘Stuff’ – Can I do away with lots of the things in my room?

Recently I wrote that one of my main goals this year was to redecorate my bedroom.  It’s not just the colour of the walls that are on my mind, or what new bedding to buy.  No.  Recently it has been the amount of ‘stuff’ that fits in my room. 


I have a lot of stuff.  And I have been wondering, if I lost it all what would I want to replace.  The thing is, although some see their ‘stuff’ as temporary as I do in a way, I also see it as ‘stuff’ that I have loved and looked after, and treasured in some cases, and spent my hard-earned money on.  So, parting with some of it will certainly be hard but the  books I read ages ago and keep just in case I want to have a look through them again would I replace them?  Probably not.  And the DVDs and CDs that I liked ages ago but never watch anymore?  Maybe one day.  


Therefore, I am going to experiment with living with less.  I currently have five things of hand lotion in my room for which I moisturise once a fortnight.  It’s crazy. 

This is my bedroom at the moment (I didn’t bother to tidy it beforehand – we are friends after all – I am sure you won’t mind).  Tomorrow I will start boxing and bagging things up to see if I really need them or if they could be donated to others. 

How much stuff do you have?  Any ideas on what I should do?