Capturing the Flowers

With all the rain that we have had in the last couple of weeks, I missed my chance to capture the peonies in the garden. I am heartbroken. This is the problem with peonies – you wait and wait and then they come along and go so quickly.

My plan now is to run into the garden whenever the rain stops and take photos. On Tuesday mum and I did a quick trip to the allotment to check that everything was okay after the bad rain. (All is okay, but the weeds are beginning to thrive).

Elderflowers galore at the allotment – thinking elderflower wine, elderflower syrup, elderflower cordial…

An explosion of chives at the allotment. I actually dislike chives, but love their flowers.

When its not soaking wet, this is a lovely place to sit with a cup of coffee. Herbs – lemon balm, chives, mint and lavender blossom in the vase.

Flowers into strawberries!

Do you find that you need to document everything to make it seem real rather than just looking and enjoying things?

~ Pru


First Flowers of Summer

Following so much rain, the flowers are finally coming out in the garden.  Of course it is now boiling hot and so I know that nothing will last long and my job of Head Waterer (we have a hosepipe ban in place) is definitely confirmed.

Early evening on Friday looking down the garden from my garden seat.  Bliss.

Foxgloves in lilac and white.  I like the lilac the best.  Mum likes the white.

Already fading, but the first yellow rose on the arch.  This one is on the opposite side:

And my beloved peonies are starting to come out of hiding (yippee!)

~ Pru

Gardening in April & May

The last two months have been odd.  Hot sometimes and then freezing at others and then I spent the majority of two weeks holding an umbrella.  I have gone from summer tops to my winter coat complete with scarf and gloves in the space of a week.  Its awful.  And my dear garden has suffering.  We started the month with a hose pipe ban which I am sure will last all summer long.  I actually don’t mind watering with the watering can but when the garden needs a good drenching it is a hard old slog.

But things are taking shape in the garden.  Mum and I finally put down paving slabs under the seats.



The rhodendrum didn’t fare too well with the rain.

I always find it amazing how quickly the garden springs to life.

The only alium to survive the cold/hot/soaking weather (I remain heartbroken)

And the buds on the honeysuckle, roses and peonies fill me with hope for a great end of spring and beginning of summer.

How is your garden doing?

~ Pru

Mid March at the allotment and in the garden

Such a long title!  I honestly couldn’t think of anything nippy or fun.  It is what it is.

Work has begun on the allotment.  Mum and I are taking on half of the allotment this year, and although dad has been very tardy in beginning work on his section (!) mum and I have begun plotting and planning and this weekend we spent four lovely hours weeding and planting our first crops.

We have planted two new rhubarb plants but cannot eat from them for a year – they need time to mature.  We were lucky with this rhubarb plant last year though and I am already dreaming of poached rhubarb and rhubarb tarts – expert posts and recipes in the near future.

The garden pretty much takes care of itself, we are fortunate that we have very few weeds and although the roses have just been pruned and the deadheading of the hydrangeas has also been done I know that soon there will be a hive of activity.  Last autumn we set about planting more bulbs.  Daffodils and irises mainly.  I am still not keen on tulips in the garden and prefer to pick them up from the florist for indoor fun instead.

So, how is your garden coming on?  I know the daffodils are slightly early but I couldn’t be happier to finally have some colour popping up.


~ Pru

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Instagram Photos of the Garden

Before I was sick, mum and I spent two days working in the garden. We managed to do nothing else all weekend (except watch a tiny bit of the rugby and walk Violet). It was back breaking work (I was off work for two weeks following this time in the garden although it wasn’t related). I am so glad that the garden is nearly finished.  Mum and I weren’t happy with the garden all summer long.  It just wasn’t right.  But I think we may have worked it out a lot better from now on.

I tweeted photos via Instagram over the weekend and thought I would post them here too along with their captions until I have time to go into detail about the new plants that were purchased and what changes have been made.

‘A lovely sunny morning but a little chilly.  Perfect gardening weather.’

‘First trip to the dump of the day.’ (Mum and I did two trips on Saturday and dad did another trip on Sunday.  One more trip on Monday is scheduled in).

‘The last bush (maybe) out of the ground.’  Yep.  I was wrong.  Two more came out after that one.


‘ Mum and the eucalyptus’

 (Sunday) ‘9am and into the garden we go.’

‘The rose section about to be moved.’

‘Working out where everything should go.’

‘Violet scouting out a new place to rest (her bed must not meet her standards!)’

The garden once the work was completed.

I’ll be putting together a post with before and after photos.  I think the difference will really be seen once summer comes around again.

~ Pru

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Summer Colour

This past week and so far this week too have been warm. Hot even. And it has been lovely to actually feel like summer is here.

A burst of colour is all around and I had to take a few photos to remind me that summer can eventually turn up in London – it just takes a long, long time!

And my favourite colour at the moment?

Orange! Which means red isn’t too far away now.

~ Pru

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