A day at the Paralympic Swimming

I hadn’t been that enthusiastic for the Olympics until about a week before when I realised that I had been mad not to apply for tickets. I hunted for tickets on the most annoying ticket website I’ve ever encountered and finally struck gold.

Today, mum, dad and I made the easy journey from home to the Olympic stadium for swimming heats. I cannot fault the day at all.

From the moment we stepped out at Stratford Station there were friendly helpers who are called GameMakers guiding us to the right places, giving advice and they were incredibly helpful.



The Aquatics Centre was impressive and so much bigger than I had appreciated.



We had lunch in the (barely there) shadow of The Orbit which I’ve decided I like after seeing it up close.


And then we went for a wander. We walked to the Veledrome which is fitted with beautiful wood paneling and then we sat down on the grass and watched the basketball on the big screen.


If it hadn’t been for needing to collect Violet then I’d still be there now. The security check was thorough but quick and we encountered no queues when purchasing drinks, although £10 for a bottle of sunscreen is extortionate.





But I wouldn’t change today for anything. I was so proud of everyone there and of London for putting on a wonderful event day in, day out for weeks.

~ Pru

An early morning walk through Holland Park


When I was at school and throughout college we didn’t have a computer at home.  I spent most of my lunchtimes in the computer room desperately trying to learn how to type and use a computer wisely.  During my year at college (I did a legal secretary course) we had Fridays off from college and I would head to Kensington to a computer cafe to type up my assignments.  Needless to say, that I have passed the gates to Holland Park countless times.  Heading through Kensington is my passageway from home into London.

With hot weather expected to last for the next week, an early start on Saturday morning seemed like the perfect time to venture out and get a walk done early in a park that I have been meaning to visit ever since seeing photos on the internet in the spring.  Holland Park turned out to be tranquil and still at 8am and although I think it would have been too much to handle by lunchtime, this is the perfect place to wander around and enjoy.  And I know that I missed some of the park so will have to head back in at another stage (maybe once autumn and cold brisk mornings arrive). 

I must start seeing more of the city I call home and that I love so much.  I could have kicked myself for not venturing through the gates to the park sooner, but I know that I will return with a coffee in hand and a cake from Ottolenghi to soak it all up again soon.

~ Pru

The Olympic Summer of not Blogging

So I admit that the decision to take a break from blogging was quite a quick decision and I wasn’t sure if the break would tell me to stop blogging altogether or help me sort out the problems I was having (with blogging).


Because I’ve figured it out and I’m back with renewed energy and some pretty darn good posts on the way! (Including a great giveaway starting on Monday).

Whilst the sun barely shon and the temperature hit 30 twice, the summer was busy. I finished for my summer break by telling you about the 33 things that were taking over my life.  I think we are down to about 25 things – I have green beans and runner beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but some of the vegetables have had their day and are finished.

Of course, I’m a London gal and the Olympics seemed to make everyone proud of their country and city and I couldn’t have been prouder of my home town.  I made a few trips into town beforehand and the bunting strung from nearly every lampost and the atmosphere all around was heartwarming.  Whilst we didn’t go to the Olympics we have got tights for the Paralympic swimming on the 7th and I’m very excited.

Top to bottom:

(1) The Gloriana travelling along the Thames at Barnes with the Olympic Torch; (2) Tower Bridge proudly displaying the Olympic rings; (3) Mum and I went into Richmond Park for the cycling event, crowds built up very quickly; (4) Runner Beans growing at the allotment; (5) The allotment looking from the compost to the shed; (6) Honeycombe & Chocolate Vienetta following a trip to Norwich.







You’ll be pleased to see that I kept to only a few photos, Tower Bridge especially had lots of photos taken of it as I saw it open (which I’d never seen before).  The boat coming through the bridge had Rule Britannia playing which must be the most patriotic thing I’ve ever witnessed.


How was your summer?

~ Pru

This Week Recap

This week has been a strange one.  I took last Friday off from work and then Monday and Tuesday were Bank Holidays so it was hard to keep track with what day it was at any given time.

A couple of things stand out for me (apart from the Jubilee).  Great Thai in Wardour Street at Busabi Eathai:

And a very quiet walk in Richmond Park with Violet scouting around trying to find a squirrel for her lunch.  (Which of course, she didn’t catch!)

And I posted twice this week and they can be found here and here.  How has your week been?

~ Pru