Jubilee Fever

If you follow me on Twitter then you will know that I went a bit jubilee crazy.  With the Queen celebrating her 60th year on the throne, I took an extra day off from work and enjoyed five whole days of celebrating with my family.

On Friday afternoon, mum and I went into London to wander around (one of my favourite things to do).  We took a trip from Waterloo to Blackfriars Bridge to witness the biggest poster I have ever seen:

Whereas other countries often fly their flags (I see the American flag often shown on other blogs), the UK has a strange relationship with the St George Flag (English flag) and the Union Jack or Union Flag (the Great Britain flag).  Very rarely do you see them flown on buildings, unless a government building.  It has been lovely seeing bunting and flags and lots of red, white and blue adorning buildings in London.

Flags flying at Admiralty Arch.

And St James’s Park had the most stunning crown made from succulents:

I had bedecked the living room in red white and blue and took great pleasure in purchasing napkins, paper plates and cocktail sticks with flags on for a buffet tea which we had whilst watching the concert.  Oh yeah, and there was cake – tutorial and recipe on I Am Baker.

I went a bit crazy with the pom poms (just like the ones we did for Martha Mondays a year or so back).  I made big ones and small ones, tying the pom poms to garden sticks with the pipe cleaners.

Living so close to the River Thames meant that I got to see the boats getting into position before the pageant.  Mum and I stood by the Thames on Saturday morning and then walked along the towpath from Hammersmith to Putney to see more of the boats in the evening.

My view on the Jubilee:  Mainly, I loved it.  I loved the outpouring of love for the Queen and her family, I loved how Prince Charles spoke so beautifully about his mother and his absent father (Prince Philip was in hospital) at the concert and I thought that the whole event went very well.  The Queen was as gracious as ever and amazed by the crowds gathered.  The Mirror quoted her as saying ‘Look at all those people, Philip…look at them!’

There are great videos here:

Jubilee Pageant

Jubilee Concert Highlights

Thanksgiving Service

And it should go without being said, but I will declare that I am proud to be British and I loved having the opportunity to be so proud of my country and its history.

Did you see any of the celebrations on TV?


~ Pru

Living for the weekend

If you are anything like me, then Monday arrives and you groan and then start wishing that it was the weekend again.  My colleagues and I do it and every week there is always one of us who was sure that Thursday was actually Friday.  They are then consoled for the next two days!


But I have been thinking about the weekend more this last week after reading Jane’s post and how much burden I put on myself through all my wild ideas for those two days.  I write a list and aim to get so many things done, all the bits that I haven’t crammed in to the week, like laundry and cleaning and blogging and shopping and wrapping presents and cooking.  And the weekend can turn in to a bit of a nightmare.


Usually I spend Sunday evening wondering what on earth happened to the weekend!


I am entering this weekend with no firm plans at all.  I had had plans to go to see Bugsy Malone with some fellow bloggers but I have cancelled them.  The weekend is resting on whether my grandfather remains in hospital or whether he goes home.  See, there is a plan (of sorts) to go up to Norwich and clean the house.  And I don’t mean just hoover, I mean deep clean it.  I am finding the prospect of doing some deep cleaning this weekend quite therapeutic.  And if grandad comes home, then I will just see what happens.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Do you have plans and are you like me, and cramming as much as you can into these two days?



~ Pru

Eggs at Easter

I had been counting down the days until Easter.  By Thursday I was sure that it was in fact Friday as I was sure that I had already worked five days – its been busy like that.

I had planned to go to Borough Market today but found that I really didn’t need anything and so changed my plans slightly, a walk through St James’s Park (photos from last year are here) and up to Covent Garden to see the eggs.

The walk through St James’s Park is always beautiful.  The tourists meander along tracking down either Buckingham Palace or a soldier on a horse, but stopping to gaze at the beautiful flowers is my favourite thing to do.  It’s calming and incredible to see the attention that goes into these displays.  And then we were off (passing the soldiers on horses) through Trafalgar Square and up to Covent Garden.  I had seen a few of the eggs online and knew roughly what we would see but mum didn’t have a clue that there were so many eggs and the size of the eggs.  More details on the eggs here.

Although it was sunny, it still remained pretty cold and mum and I were so pleased that we stopped for brunch at Bills tucked away in Covent Garden – bubble and squeak with eggs and ham for me, and mum tucked into French toast with banana, strawberries and yoghurt – we highly recommend it.

And then it was time to head home, taking the train back via Hungerford Bridge and my favourite view of the city.

~ Pru

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside

I may have found something that I love.  No, nothing food-related!  Beach huts.

Beach huts in Bournemouth to be precise.

The other weekend I was in Bournemouth for a hen party weekend.  And in between drinking fabulous cocktails, dancing and partying until 4am, I managed a quiet walk along the beach.

If you are ever in Bournemouth and awake at 7am on a Sunday morning, grab your camera and walk along to Boscombe.  The nicest walk I have done in ages.  I think being on my own, after being with friends since Friday morning (at work), was just what I needed.  I need a little bit of space on my own and I had been itching to do this walk since arriving in Bournemouth.

Oh!  And because it was a hen party AND St Patrick’s Day weekend, it seemed only right to be dressed in a green tutu.  Photo not the best (I look like a supermodel usually!) but you get the idea!  Mock if you must!

~ Pru

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