The final post

This is my last post. I haven’t blogged for some time and although there has e been a couple of times when I’ve thought about writing, I just have wanted to keep enjoying myself without trying to think up a good post title.

2013 is already looking like it will be good. I’ll be celebrating my 30th birthday in February in South Africa as I’m taking myself away on a safari to celebrate.

I hope you have a great start to 2013. Thank you for all your comments and support over the last few years.

Pru xx


Saturday Morning at Wisley Gardens

Mum and I last visited Wisley two years ago on a very hot summer day, this time it was on a cold but sunny day that we went for a wander around the beautiful gardens.  Despite Wisley being about 10 miles from where we live, we save this place for special visits, fearful that if we come too often then it won’t be special any more.

Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a night at The Brooklands Hotel, off we headed into the gardens filled with autumn colours.

I’m thinking a trip in the spring is a must for next year!

~ Pru

A Night Away at The Brooklands Hotel

I thought it was really funny how I had only been to the Surrey town once in my life until October when I visited twice for two different occasions.  The first was to see a dear friend of mine get married and the second time was a night away with mum at The Brooklands Hotel.

Mum and I booked a deal through Groupon and it was a good deal – one night for two people with afternoon tea, use of the spa facilities and breakfast.  We had such a good time.

Brooklands is famous for having the first racecourse and it is now a Mercedes Benz where you can test drive their cars on the track.

Although the beds here were sitting next to each other we did pull them apart (they were two singles).  Such comfy beds with squishy pillows.  We both had really good night’s sleep.

I have to mention the bathroom as it was excellent.  This is the second time this year I’ve stayed in a hotel with no bath, just the shower, and although we don’t have a bath at home and usually I love nothing more than having a bath, the shower at the hotel has had me dreaming of returning for another shower every time I’ve had a shower at home!

Off we went for our afternoon tea where we were seated in the bar area.  The staff were so polite and friendly.

And then it was off to the hot tub and spa.  Its a miracle that I’m actually here to type this post as I was tempted to take up lodgings in the spa.  Sitting in the hot tub and then coming indoors and wrapping up in a dressing gown with a blanket draped over me is my idea of heaven!

We had dinner in the restaurant where we did experience a few problems, namely a huge wait, but this was dealt with quickly by the manager and we were given complimentary drinks at the bar afterwards and money off the food bill.  I would visit the restaurant again for the food that did arrive was excellent.

This was the halloumi with roasted tomatoes:

Breakfast in the morning was great.  Fruit salad, cereals, yoghurt, continental (cheeses and hams), croissants and pastries and of course, a full English breakfast which set us up really well for our day ahead at Wisley Gardens (post coming soon).

~ Pru

A Weekend in Paris

I went a bit mad last week.  On the Monday I booked a trip to Paris and on Friday lunchtime I had arrived in the capital of France.  I realised that week that I have lost my spontinaity, the ability to abandon thoughts of what a weekend may hold and throw things in a bag and go and explore.  I miss the old me.

But there was a great reason to visit Paris and I am so pleased that I went.  Having friends over from Australia for a holiday has seen me wanting to spend as much time with them and their two adorable children.  They hired an apartment in the 17th in Paris and I booked a hotel in the adjacent street -close enough, but not too close!

And I managed to do quite a bit on this jaunt – Arc de Triomphe, Sacre Couer (in the evening for the view of Paris), Eiffel Tower – arrive before it opens to avoid queuing for too long, bistro lunch, boat trip along the Seine, Notre Damme, Eiffel Tower at night for the light show, flea markets and the Luxembourg Gardens.  I could have done more but this was the perfect weekend for seeing things but relaxing a little too, and spending time as ‘Aunty Pru’ makes me very, very, happy!

This was my first time visiting Paris and I am still wondering why I hadn’t been before.  It takes just over two hours from London.  I will have to return, soon!

~ Pru

Action Aid Bloggers Party

I took the day off of work, well actually, I took the whole week off, and the reason I took the week of was because I had plans for the Wednesday.  Slap in the middle of a week.  Oh, and I desperately needed to escape work, and I knew that a day wasn’t going to do it.

So Wednesday came around and I took a respite from a trip to Ikea, cleaning and sorting to head to Farringdon (still kicking myself that I walked past Exmouth Market but didn’t go and have a look) to meet up with the Action Aid team and the Action Aid Bloggers.  I am so pleased that my blog is able to speak on an important subject, and help others (for I hear that Action Aid are directing people who sponsor to this post I did about writing to the child you sponsor).

As a lot of you know, I sponsor Gift who is ten years old and lives in Malawi.  The thing about sponsoring is that it makes you think differently.  I think more about countries in Africa than I used to and I want to know about the charity which I am supporting.  When Action Aid contacted me about their new projects in Myanmar I was excited to learn more.

The afternoon spent with Action Aid highlighted the work that they are beginning to do in that country.  The fact that they are not interested in quick fixes and being a higher authority but enabling the people who live in the villages, towns and cities to work through what they need to make their lives better.  I like this.  This reminded me of Undercover Boss (that programme on Channel Four).  Sometimes the CEO of a company doesn’t have the answer but the person on the front line knows exactly what would make day to day better.

I was going to list the problems that Myanmar faces on a day to day basis, but I reckon you know most of them already.  We see the adverts on TV and the news specials, and whilst these adverts and programmes either make me feel really sad I think its best to think about the changes that can be made.  Action Aid are there to help.

Penny and Gemma did a wonderful bloggers brainstorming session and we all came up with some great ideas which I can’t wait to see developed in the future.  I confess that I even said a few words about sponsoring Gift and finding ways to blog although I think it was more of a mumble/ramble!

It was great sharing the afternoon with old friends and new friends.  More details on the afternoon can be found on Action Aid’s blogger page..

I am proud to sponsor Gift through Action Aid and I pay £15 per month (which means I give up a few cups of Starbucks each month).  If you want to look at sponsoring click the link Sponsor A Child With Action Aid.  If you are a blogger and want to be involved in the next Action Aid event, then contact them at bloggers (at) actionaid (dot) org.

~ Pru

An early morning walk through Holland Park


When I was at school and throughout college we didn’t have a computer at home.  I spent most of my lunchtimes in the computer room desperately trying to learn how to type and use a computer wisely.  During my year at college (I did a legal secretary course) we had Fridays off from college and I would head to Kensington to a computer cafe to type up my assignments.  Needless to say, that I have passed the gates to Holland Park countless times.  Heading through Kensington is my passageway from home into London.

With hot weather expected to last for the next week, an early start on Saturday morning seemed like the perfect time to venture out and get a walk done early in a park that I have been meaning to visit ever since seeing photos on the internet in the spring.  Holland Park turned out to be tranquil and still at 8am and although I think it would have been too much to handle by lunchtime, this is the perfect place to wander around and enjoy.  And I know that I missed some of the park so will have to head back in at another stage (maybe once autumn and cold brisk mornings arrive). 

I must start seeing more of the city I call home and that I love so much.  I could have kicked myself for not venturing through the gates to the park sooner, but I know that I will return with a coffee in hand and a cake from Ottolenghi to soak it all up again soon.

~ Pru

Sweet Auburn Studio Giveaway

Congratulations Celeste, you won the bracelet!  I’ll be in touch about having your personalised bracelet sent to you by Sweet Auburn Studio.


~ Pru




I thought it was about time I had a giveaway. Its the first time I’ve ever done a giveaway on the blog, and I am hoping that you’ll all join in and spread the word.

Aren’t these cute?

The new leather monogrammed bracelets from Sweet Auburn Studio Etsy are so stylish that I knew immediately that I wanted one (I’m thinking a green bracelet with my families initials) and that I wanted to do my first ever giveaway on the blog.

Sweet Auburn Studio is one of my favourite places to shop. Leigh Ann has sent me beautiful earrings and bracelets which always receive great compliments and she is my first port of call for presents for friends.

How to enter:

Leave a comment telling me which bracelet you’d like to win and what you would have inscribed on the brass plate.

I’m going to choose a winner on Sunday (9th September) at 9am UK time and I’ll post the winner shortly afterwards.

Good luck and please spread the word!

~ Pru
Details: This is a giveaway sponsored by me. The giveaway is open to everyone, and the bracelet will ship to wherever you tell me to send it.