Living for the weekend

If you are anything like me, then Monday arrives and you groan and then start wishing that it was the weekend again.  My colleagues and I do it and every week there is always one of us who was sure that Thursday was actually Friday.  They are then consoled for the next two days!


But I have been thinking about the weekend more this last week after reading Jane’s post and how much burden I put on myself through all my wild ideas for those two days.  I write a list and aim to get so many things done, all the bits that I haven’t crammed in to the week, like laundry and cleaning and blogging and shopping and wrapping presents and cooking.  And the weekend can turn in to a bit of a nightmare.


Usually I spend Sunday evening wondering what on earth happened to the weekend!


I am entering this weekend with no firm plans at all.  I had had plans to go to see Bugsy Malone with some fellow bloggers but I have cancelled them.  The weekend is resting on whether my grandfather remains in hospital or whether he goes home.  See, there is a plan (of sorts) to go up to Norwich and clean the house.  And I don’t mean just hoover, I mean deep clean it.  I am finding the prospect of doing some deep cleaning this weekend quite therapeutic.  And if grandad comes home, then I will just see what happens.


Have a wonderful weekend.


Do you have plans and are you like me, and cramming as much as you can into these two days?



~ Pru


I escaped

Last night I kept the whole house up with my coughing. I tried everything, but as soon as I laid back down in my bed, I coughed and coughed and coughed.

We all watched ‘Diners Drive Ins and Dives’ at 2am and I remained on the sofa sleeping every now and then until 7am.

I’m anxious that I’m due back at work on Monday and have barely left the house for the last couple of weeks. Now I know that my job isn’t physical but it’s a busy job and I like to be on top of things. I don’t want to return and be all flustered.

Today I escaped with the help of dad to Starbucks in Barnes for coffee and cake. It was great to get out for an hour although I felt worn out when I returned home.

My ear is still blocked but I have rested on the sofa instead of in my bed today.

Small steps.

~ Pru

Laundry day

I’m into week two of being ill and I kept putting off changing my bed sheets thinking that I would soon be better and then the germ-ridden sheets could be boil washed and hidden from sight in the laundry cupboard. But I’m still not well and those sheets were beginning to drive me mad. I’m able to get out of my bed for up to an hour a day and sit in the living room and make a little walk to the bottom of the garden. Although i remain awake most of the day despite being weary. This is a bad bug.

Mum changed my bed today. I have clean sheets and a softer duvet spread on. It makes all the difference.

Strange how such small changes can make such a difference.

I am considering throwing away the bedding from the first week and a couple of pairs of pyjamas too. I’m not superstitious but I don’t think I could wear them again.

~ Pru

I hear nothing

So. Just as I thought I was getting better, the sore throat, fever and headache turned into a cold and then just as I nearly had that under control, along came an ear infection.

I hear nothing. Not on my left side anyway. It’s all fuzzy and full. Apparently it’s bright red like a traffic light according to the doctor.

Following the doctors this morning I walked (gingerly) the short distance to the chemist not realising that my dad was hollering my name! I hear nothing.

The doctor has signed me off for a week and although it means I won’t be earning this week, it’s the best thing as I have a full week to get better.

~ Pru