I felt poorly on Monday but armed with bottles of juice (which I always turn to whenever I feel a bit ill) struggled through until lunch where I ate a vat of soup and had a colleague make me a hot water bottle. Yep. I keep a hot water bottle in my desk drawer. But by Monday night I knew that I was going to take to my sick bed.

What did I do? Mum took me to the supermarket and we stocked up on bottled water (it’s easier than jugs being brought up and down the stairs), more juice, tissues, ice cream, face wipes, what turned out to be the worst magazine of all time, and more soup. I forgot the Nurofen and nearly cried when there were no painkillers in the house! Since Monday night I’ve been in bed.

Finally My fever has broken and I’m not going through the boiling hot/freezing cold stage anymore which is a wonderful thing. I had some very strange dreams!

I have just had my first shower since Sunday and I’m sitting on the sofa wrapped in a blanket. I’m finally able to get out of bed and sit downstairs. And my head hurts less. I’m finally getting better and I can’t wait until I’m feeling fully better again

Oh, and my biopsy confirmation letter came back today – a fatty lobule. Never have I felt so happy!

So, no gardening post this week and maybe no posts next week either. Just be grateful that I haven’t put up any photos of me in my sick bed!

~ Pru

Prioritising for Autumn

It’s been one of those weeks. Everything has annoyed me. Small things like the grocery store not having the shopping that I wanted and then big things like the weather stopping me from doing work in the garden and the fact that so much rain has ruined our tomato plants. Now it’s Sunday evening and I haven’t done half of what I had wanted to do, the baking I did was dreadful (no Martha Mondays from me – didn’t know I could burn jam did you?!) and all of it went in the bin. I’m even further behind now. None of it matters of course, its just one of those things when I have a list of things to do and can’t cross them all off and I wonder when I will find time for them all.

We made the trip to Norfolk on Saturday to see my grandfather. It’s six hours of travel for just under two hours spent with him. It’s going to be happening more often. Things aren’t great in that house despite carers going in daily and a cleaner twice a week and a nurse checking on him two times a week too. We wish he was closer. It’s hard to keep an eye on things when he is so far away. I spent most of the two hours cleaning his kitchen and sorting the groceries out. It’s little things that I keep thinking back to – like the half eaten ready meal of roast dinner. He has eaten half on Friday and would have the rest today. He only eats a small bit, but instead of putting the food in the fridge he keeps it in the larder. He must have a very tough stomach. The fact that the chiropodist still hasn’t visited and needs following up on as his toe nails are in a bad way. There’s going to be some juggling to be done.

The list of things to get done at the weekend will also involve a monthly visit to Norfolk. Trying to find the time is going to be my main goal. I need to get my priorities sorted.

The park was especially peaceful and quiet today (except when we were running for the tree above to escape Violet and another dog running around). We both have this thing were we aim to get to the nearest tree and cling to it as soon as Violet and another dog start running around. We have both been knocked over by a running dog and it is very, very painful! Autumn has arrived and the walk with mum and Violet was perfect to help put things into perspective.


~ Pru

All Clear

After an agonising morning at the hosptial, an examination, ultra sound and biopsy, I was given the ALL CLEAR.  The doctor is sure that it isn’t cancer, but the biopsy will confirm everything for certain.  I should have the results in the next couple of weeks.


Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers.  They mean so much to me.


These past couple of weeks have been exhausting both mentally and physically.  I am going to take a quick break from blogging for a while whilst I gather my strength back up.


Off to celebrate tonight.  I’m thinking champagne might be ordered!



~ Pru

Three Days (or 4320 minutes) and Counting

Me on ‘Pink Day’ at work in 2010.

On Monday I have my hospital appointment.  I am literally counting the hours down.  I was so lucky that my appointment could be made within two weeks.  It can take three to four weeks for the initial appointment and I can’t imagine how it would feel to continue wondering for that long.  There ups and downs to having the NHS.  It’s free (which is the upside) but it can be a postcode lottery to see how your care is handled – some places don’t offer certain medications and some do.  All a lottery.  So far, it looks like my postcode has done well.  Also, the hospitals in my area are good, the three closest have good reputations and are easy to get to.  (Can you tell that I have thought a fair deal about all of this?)

The last two weeks have actually gone by quite quickly.  I have had some tears and my head has been full of thoughts on how I would tell people, and what systems I would need to put in place financially if I was to be off work for any length of time.  And then I realised that I was getting way ahead of myself.  This could all be nothing, and by Monday afternoon I might be happily sitting back at my desk typing away and shouting to the world that there was nothing to worry about.   Another upside is that the results should be in on the same day.

I also realised that whilst only a few friends know, I had put it out on the blog for anyone to read.  It’s weird.  I suppose that there is always a distance with blogging.  No matter how close we feel to someone whose blog we read (and I feel very close to some of the people whose blogs I read) I have never met one reader of my blog who wasn’t already a friend and so if I feel rubbish one day or a bit sad I don’t have people saying ‘Are you okay?’ and that is a lovely feeling.  Sometimes the distance can be pretty comforting.

That said, if the news is bad, then I will expect everyone to send me virtual soup and love and best wishes (and I am certain that you would all come through for me with that)!

I have three more days to keep myself busy.  I’m out with the girls tonight, walking to Harrods with mum (7 miles) for breakfast and then to the Origins counter for products (nothing like a good dose of stress to have my skin do unkind things) and then baking and gardening and watching football.  Oh and as my boss is out today, her office is going to be fully sorted out (I’ve done my desk drawers twice already).

Have a good weekend.  By Monday evening I will have posted my results for you all to see.  Please hope that they are all okay.

~ Pru