About Me

Yep.  There I am.  I trawled through my Flickr album and found so few photos of me – the problem with always holding the camera!

Three years ago I took up blogging so that I could join in with Martha Mondays and the join the other girls in documenting their cooking triumphs and disasters.  I still love taking part.  I have made such great friends whilst blogging and love making new friends make sure you say ‘hi’.  Oh!  And if you stop by, please leave me a comment, I know that you are reading this and I love knowing that people pass by, but comments make my day, so feel free to leave a comment I love them so much.

So, when I’m not blogging about Martha Mondays, you’ll find me cooking, and sometimes crafting, and gardening and everything else in between.

~ Pru


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello, Pru! I stopped by your blog after Googling ‘Nigella’s Winter Plum Cake’. I love how much your warm personality shines through the posts & photos on your site. Cheers!

  2. Val, you honestly made my day with your comment. Lots of people stop by searching for the plum cake, and I hope that if you make it you love it as much as I do (actually, I really should make another one soon). Happy New Year to you. I hope you pop by and say hello again soon.

    ~ Pru

  3. Cold winter day here in the snow fields of Oz,I am going to try this for our ladies day tomorrow…looks great Thanks…

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