Brown Sugar Barbecue Chicken

After missing last week’s Martha Mondays project I was keen to get back to cooking with my favourite bloggers.  Brette chose Barbecue Chicken and I loved the simplicity of the recipe.  Only a few ingredients and all that I had in the kitchen cupboard already.

I did make a couple of changes.  Firstly, I never eat meat which is attached to the bone so I wasn’t going anywhere near drumsticks or wings and I used chicken breast instead.  It just took a little longer to cook in the oven.

Now, I made the sauce and it was nice but I had imagined something a bit more smokey and after a rummage in the kitchen cupboard and fridge, I found the perfect thing.  Brown Sauce.  I reckon I added about a teaspoon to a tablespoon of it.  Just a little but it made a difference.

I served the chicken with garlic rice and peas (I was in a rush) but we loved it.  And we will definitely be having this again for dinner very soon.

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~ Pru

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