Chicken Pot Pie

Did you make this chicken pot pie at the weekend?  If you didn’t then maybe you should have.  It was my pick for Martha Mondays and this was a winner in our house!

We had never had chicken pot pie in our house, and mum had asked me what it was last week so it seemed the perfect pick.  We found it to be tasty and easy to prepare.  Next time we are going to do it with puff pastry instead of the phyllo just to see what that is like.  I’m also thinking of adding tiny bits of brocolli.  I didn’t use celery as we don’t like it but I stuck to the recipe.

If you made it, what did you think?  These Martha Monday girls also made it, check out what they thought.

Brette, Martha & Me

Lyndsey, The Tiny Skillet

~ Pru


Chicken Fried Rice

This was a fast and easy recipe for Martha Mondays this week.  I actually changed the recipe (just a bit) and used leftover shredded chicken which I crisped in the wok and I ommited the peas as we had beans with the rice and I didn’t use any stock as I didn’t want the rice to go mushy.

This was tasty and very quick (15 minutes in total).  My only annoying remark is the way the recipe is written.  I scan the recipe before I start but pretty much dart around the kitchen as I get to the next step, although I did managed to beat the eggs before adding them to the wok. But surely the step for the soy sauce and sugar to be mixed should be at the start of the recipe rather than at the end(?)  Just saying.

Now that I have a recipe for leftover roast chicken I will be making this again.  I reckon it would work well with turkey too.  I loved the kick of ginger but I will probably add a herb to it next time and maybe a little carrot for some colour.  This was good though.  Nice and quick and easy.


~ Pru


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Greek Chicken Cutlets

It’s been refreshing to take a couple of weeks off from blogging. I celebrated the great news with dinner at Jamie’s Italian with mum and yummy cocktails and great food.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and am enjoying a slower pace at the moment. I had been running myself into the ground and as much as I love this blog at times I find it rather stressful.

The last two weeks have involved some of this:

Walking to work and taking the time to admire the view atop Richmond Hill.

Spending more time with my family and taking very big walks in the park with Violet.

And sorting out lots and lots of tomatoes. The freezer is beginning to get rather full with tomato sauce and frozen berries, apples and beans.

Ana is great at picking Martha Mondays projects which are healthy, tasty and a lot of the time have a Greek influence. I don’t ever turn to the Martha books or magazines for salads. I’m more keen on the puddings or brunch ideas but that’s beginning to change. See for the second time in as many months the Martha Mondays project has been salad. Remember the bread salad? It’s still talked about in our house and this salad is going into the Singer family recipe store too! It’s wonderful.

Now I did take a photo but I lost it when I was mucking around with the filters.

This was lovely and easy and healthy too. We used chicken breast as I didn’t know what cutlets were.

A great recipe. Thanks Ana for a great pick.

~ Pru