Late night shopping at Petersham Nurseries

There are certain things that I must do in December. Its my rule.  Nothing to do with shopping really but getting into the festive spirit which I admit I sometimes find it hard to find when I’m staring at a list of things to get done.  Do you do the same?  But this is a good list.  I don’t even need to write them down.  I have to go to Harrods, I have to see the lights in Oxford and Regents Streets, walk from Knightsbridge to Sloane Square and visit Barnes late night shopping event and the late night shopping event at Petersham Nurseries.  I am certain that after I do any of the things on my invisible list that I gain more of my festive cheer.  I love having little rituals at this time of year.  Slowly I’m laying down traditions and there is a nice feeling in doing that.

Despite Petersham Nurseries being so close by, I hadn’t been since last December, but it’s most certainly my favourite time to visit and I wonder if I visited more whether it would be so special. Mum met me from work and wrapped up in hats, scarves and wearing gloves we walked through town and passed the fancy hotels until we arrived at a tiny road which you could easily miss, where gas torches lit the way to two of the three greenhouses festooned with fairy lights and thousands of baubles hanging from the ceilings.



Mum and I didn’t buy much, but a friend will be receiving a succulent plant in a very pretty pot. We enjoyed hot chocolate and the prettiness everywhere we looked.


There were some stunning baubles ranging from tiny to large in the most beautiful colours, my favourite bring the green but mum preferred the orange ones.

If your diary is empty next Wednesday then they are holding another event from 6pm. It’s worth visiting just to feel a little bit more festive.

What holiday traditions do you have?  I’d love to know. 

~ Pru