Chicken Fried Rice

This was a fast and easy recipe for Martha Mondays this week.  I actually changed the recipe (just a bit) and used leftover shredded chicken which I crisped in the wok and I ommited the peas as we had beans with the rice and I didn’t use any stock as I didn’t want the rice to go mushy.

This was tasty and very quick (15 minutes in total).  My only annoying remark is the way the recipe is written.  I scan the recipe before I start but pretty much dart around the kitchen as I get to the next step, although I did managed to beat the eggs before adding them to the wok. But surely the step for the soy sauce and sugar to be mixed should be at the start of the recipe rather than at the end(?)  Just saying.

Now that I have a recipe for leftover roast chicken I will be making this again.  I reckon it would work well with turkey too.  I loved the kick of ginger but I will probably add a herb to it next time and maybe a little carrot for some colour.  This was good though.  Nice and quick and easy.


~ Pru


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Redcurrant Jelly

Last year we made a mistake and gave the redcurrants away to a family friend. I think we regretted it from the minute we handed the fruit over. This year our aim is to use as much of our produce ourselves, preserving and canning too and then we will give what is left to friends. There are sure to be too many runner beans and green beans for the three of us. But redcurrants are the first produce that we are enjoying this year. What to make? Redcurrant Jelly of course!

We collected 3 1/2 pounds from our one bush. Back home the currants were gently washed.

The recipe is simple. Weigh the fruit (stalks included). Whatever the weight you will use the same quantity of warmed sugar.

Place the sugar in a lined baking tin and heat gently in the oven for five minutes. Place the currants in a saucepan and begin to boil the fruit. Stir the fruit to release the juice. Once the mixture has come to a boil add the warmed sugar slowly to the mixture whilst stirring.

Whilst the mixture boils for eight minutes. Make your contraption. Ours looked like this:

Yep. A stool turned upside down with a saucepan at the bottom and netting held in place at the top with elastic bands.

Once the eight minutes are up. Seive the mixture into another pot. This helps an awful lot in not having lots of pips and stalks in the netting. Slowly pass this mixture through the netting. It took quite a long time. But the result was worth it. When this is done put the jelly into your heated prepared jars and seal.

Do you have any good recipes that we can use the jelly with? I’d love to know.

~ Pru

Martha Mondays – Strawberry Shortcakes

It was my pick for Martha Mondays this week and in the hope of keeping the warm weather around I chose Strawberry Shortcakes. I swear it started raining as soon as I sent the email through to Brette with my pick!

Yep, the true British summer is with us. Out are the t-shirts and skirts and in are cardigans and umbrellas. The fire is even on in the living room.

Still. I don’t care. There were shortcakes, cream and strawberries to look forward to. Okay, now I thought that shortcakes would be different to a scone, more biscuity or something. But they are like a scone. They are fiddly to slice, and I did use a cutter for mine instead of doing the very un-Martha-ish thing to do and just cut them into eight squares. If a recipe doesn’t call for a couple of bowls, every measuring cup, at least four different spoons and a tape measure then it just doesn’t seem like a proper Martha recipe but the shortcakes only required one bowl. It was incredible.

Okay, enough with the chatter. Our verdict? We loved them. I would use this recipe again instead of my usual scone recipe. I liked that the strawberries had softened in the sugar. It was a winner.

I hope anyone else who made them liked them (and that you enjoyed them in warmer, dryer weather!)

~ Pru

Cinnamon Buns

My newest blog crush, Erin at Lemon Sugar has the most wonderful recipes but her recipe for Cinnamon Buns (which she calls Cinnamon Rolls – but I will continue to call Cinnamon Buns) was the recipe that I wanted to try first and our house was lucky enough to enjoy these for breakfast at the weekend.

The reason we liked them so much, is that they are filling but in a good way, and very bready – in a good way too. They were eaten within seconds in our house. We enjoyed them with and without the cream cheese frosting. And also heated up the next day with some ice cream went down a treat too.

Try the recipe – they really are wonderful!

~ Pru