Chicken Fried Rice

This was a fast and easy recipe for Martha Mondays this week.  I actually changed the recipe (just a bit) and used leftover shredded chicken which I crisped in the wok and I ommited the peas as we had beans with the rice and I didn’t use any stock as I didn’t want the rice to go mushy.

This was tasty and very quick (15 minutes in total).  My only annoying remark is the way the recipe is written.  I scan the recipe before I start but pretty much dart around the kitchen as I get to the next step, although I did managed to beat the eggs before adding them to the wok. But surely the step for the soy sauce and sugar to be mixed should be at the start of the recipe rather than at the end(?)  Just saying.

Now that I have a recipe for leftover roast chicken I will be making this again.  I reckon it would work well with turkey too.  I loved the kick of ginger but I will probably add a herb to it next time and maybe a little carrot for some colour.  This was good though.  Nice and quick and easy.


~ Pru


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