Glittered Pumpkins

Did I tell you that I’m cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year? I have the day off as on the Friday mum and I are heading to Brussels for the weekend.  I’m perusing the Martha magazines and have already decided on the stuffing and I’m thinking of making whipped maple sweet potatoes.  I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and so what better way to celebrate than with a good dinner, and what will be the First Ever Roast Dinner I have ever cooked.  I’m pretty petrified.  It’s the timing that worries me.  But I think at my age its time to finally cook the dinner.

I hadn’t even started to think about decorations, but I now know that glittered pumpkins will form some of the decoration.  These are so pretty.  I have seen glittered pumpkins all over the blogosphere, but hadn’t thought to do them myself.  I am so pleased that Megan chose this as this week’s Martha Mondays project.  They are so easy to do.  I used a pumpkin that I had on my desk at work and was about to throw away (I used to think that pumpkins were for Halloween only).  And then I chose to do one of the gourds that we had grown at the allotment, and then my mum decided that two were not enough and so she went off to get more gourds, so we ended up with five in total.

When mum and I went to the Martha show nearly two years ago one of the giveaways was a 24 pack of glitter.  I have barely used it and was actually a little apprehensive about using the glitter on the pumpkin, but on I went.  I chose Fire Opal, Yellow Barite, Copper, Peridot and Carnelian.  I was surprised at how pretty the colours were and how fine the glitter was, and how little of it I actually used.  Which means, I’m already thinking up glittering projects for Christmas.  Yep, no fruit or vegetable is safe anymore!


~ Pru