Sea Salt Caramels

You know, I’m pretty nosey and I know its not a good trait, but I like to think of it as being inquisitive than sticking my nose into things that don’t concern me.  Sometimes, for example, I see someone’s tweet and I have to find out what they are replying to. This is how I found myself checking a friend’s tweets the other day and a reply mentioned Ina Garten’s Fleur de Sel Caramels and how great they were.

That was it.  Off I went in search of fleur de sel.  But I couldn’t find a packet called ‘fleur de sel’ and the only flaked salt in the supermarket was Cornish Sea Salt.  I think my local Waitrose store is getting worse.  But it turns out that the lack of other salt was probably a very good thing, this salt is wonderful.

Caramels are easy to make, but need about 20 to 30 minutes of your undivided attention.  But the ingredients are very simple – sugar, corn syrup, butter and cream, and of course sea salt.  When the mixture was boiling away, the house smelt gorgeous, like we were living in the Werthers Original factory.

The full recipe is here.  If you see the Cornwall Sea Salt, then give it a go – I think it will be making great additions to dishes in my home from now on.

I’m adding these caramels to my list of gifts to make for friends for Christmas.

Thanks Ina and Twitter!

~ Pru

If Life Gives You Lemons …

… it’s too cold for lemonade silly, make this cake instead!

I don’t think I have ever declared anything to be the best on my blog.  I think its a huge claim to make but I can say that this lemon cake recipe will be our go to recipe from now on.  There are many things in its favour:

1.  It’s a Dorie Greenspan recipe adapted by Ina Garten.

2.  It’s yoghurt and oil based instead of using butter.

3.  There’s a glaze AND icing.

See, it’s perfect in so many ways!  And this cake is seriously good.  It’s easy to make, requires a bowl and mixing jug, bakes within 50 minutes and is very, very tasty.  The link is here.

I tweeted about how fantastic this cake is and Dorie Greenspan replied to say that the cake is very adaptable.  She suggested instead of lemon using vanilla beans, lavender or Greek yoghurt and rosemary.  I’m going to have to make the rosemary version (with some flaked salt on top).

If you try this cake, please let me know what you thought of it.


~ Pru