Leek, Bacon and Pea Risotto

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend.

My weekend was very busy.  Time spent at the garden centre, supermarket, baking, walking the dog and a lot of work over at the allotment.  Mum and I were up at six on Sunday morning to dig woodchip from a pile that had been left nearby and ship it to the allotment.  We made four trips and got so much done.  But it left me wondering when I was going to get time to make the Martha Mondays pick.

I love risotto.  Love it.  Mum often makes a plainish one with onion and we have it with sausages and vegetables for dinner.  I love it.  And this risotto did not disappoint.  Whilst some of my friends think that it is difficult to make, I find that it isn’t difficult just time consuming.  I managed to get not one thing done whilst I was making dinner, every few minutes adding more stock to the rice.

I made two changes.  I used pancetta slices instead of bacon and I put the peas into the risotto earlier than the recipe called for.  I think they would have still been too hard if I had put them in at the end.

I made the full batch and have a container ready for work on Monday.  No doubt I will eat it cold – the best way!

~ Pru

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