My Make Up Bag

The other day I was reading this post where Rachel showed her makeup bag and I was shocked.  There were nine items.  NINE!  It was incredible.  I mean I own about four pairs of tweezers!

So, I thought I would have look through my makeup bag to see what I could get rid of.  Turns out, I like my makeup a bit too much, I like the choice of doing smokey eyeshadow, or greens and purples, or gold eyeliner for a night out with the girls.  I even have different face powders and foundations depending on how I’m feeling (and looking)!

So, welcome to my makeup bag.  I keep some of it next to my mirror and a lot of the eyeshadows in a box under my bed.

Even though I own a lot of foundation and powders and concealers, I actually only wear the mineral powder on a daily basis and the blusher.  It is really rare for me to bother with concealer or foundation, its when I look really pale and ill that I reach for the liquid stuff.

The eyeliners might be a little out of control.  I mean I only have two eyes!  But they are pretty colours, purple, gold, blue, turquioise, green, brown and black.  The pink crayon at the top is by Jemma Kidd and is wonderful, its glittery but not too glittery so is ideal for work and then adding another layer for the evening.

And finally, lipsticks.  Although there is another one in my handbag.  I don’t wear them that regularly though.  I just wear lipbalm.  I’m thinking that I might do a post on lipbalm, for there are many, many pots!

So, is this too much makeup?  How much makeup do you have?  Do you keep certain makeup for special times (like I do with the gold and purples)?

~ Pru

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