Pistachio Pound Cake with Drippy Icing

The first Martha Stewart Living magazine I bought was April 2007, in May of that year this gorgeous cake appeared as the ‘green’ in a colour story. I have loved the look of that cake for over four years but have never made it. I still find some of the recipes a bit intimidating, but Megan chose quick breads as this week’s Martha Mondays challenge and this cake appeared. It was meant to be.

I cut the recipe down and it filled out my biggest loaf tin, so I knew that this will be plenty for the three of us. I also cut down on the amount of salt (1/2 tbs) and instead just did a tiny pinch as the use of salted pistachios in the batter made it salty enough. Also I didn’t use coarsely chopped pistachios in the batter.

The cake was easy to make, and only required one bowl and the use of the food processor. I was very happy. Mum too was very happy as I did the washing up after making the cake – a Singer Miracle!

The verdict?

This is a very good cake, it has a subtle hint of pistachios and we loved it. We weren’t so keen on the drippy icing (extremely sweet) and would have it with ice cream next time. I had a slice for breakfast this morning with some cream cheese and I think it was even better the next day. A Winner! Thanks for a great pick Megan.

~ Pru