Gardening in April & May

The last two months have been odd.  Hot sometimes and then freezing at others and then I spent the majority of two weeks holding an umbrella.  I have gone from summer tops to my winter coat complete with scarf and gloves in the space of a week.  Its awful.  And my dear garden has suffering.  We started the month with a hose pipe ban which I am sure will last all summer long.  I actually don’t mind watering with the watering can but when the garden needs a good drenching it is a hard old slog.

But things are taking shape in the garden.  Mum and I finally put down paving slabs under the seats.



The rhodendrum didn’t fare too well with the rain.

I always find it amazing how quickly the garden springs to life.

The only alium to survive the cold/hot/soaking weather (I remain heartbroken)

And the buds on the honeysuckle, roses and peonies fill me with hope for a great end of spring and beginning of summer.

How is your garden doing?

~ Pru