Rosemary Bread

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I did not do this week’s Martha Monday’s challenge.  My mum did it instead. 

Mum was at a loose end on Friday and so I said ‘why not make the Martha Monday’s project’ and she got right on and did it.  Took photos and everything.  This was Ana’s pick and she chose Rosemary Bread.

Now my mum is very keen to find out what everyone else thought, as we weren’t that keen and mum is wondering if she did something wrong.  But like I have told her, some recipes just don’t work out (and truth be told, I sort of have my fingers crossed that someone else found it a bit cakey too).

So mum said: “I was looking forward to it I must say and reading the recipe it seemed quite easy to follow but I was surprised that the bread didn’t need to be kneaded and I think this may have resulted in us not liking the bread.”

To be fair, we did eat one of the two loaves but threw the other one away, we all thought it was a bit cakey – but looking at the photo in the recipe they look pretty much the same.  So, not a recipe we will do again (unless everyone says that it was great and then we might give it another go – together)!

~ Pru and Julie