Capturing the Flowers

With all the rain that we have had in the last couple of weeks, I missed my chance to capture the peonies in the garden. I am heartbroken. This is the problem with peonies – you wait and wait and then they come along and go so quickly.

My plan now is to run into the garden whenever the rain stops and take photos. On Tuesday mum and I did a quick trip to the allotment to check that everything was okay after the bad rain. (All is okay, but the weeds are beginning to thrive).

Elderflowers galore at the allotment – thinking elderflower wine, elderflower syrup, elderflower cordial…

An explosion of chives at the allotment. I actually dislike chives, but love their flowers.

When its not soaking wet, this is a lovely place to sit with a cup of coffee. Herbs – lemon balm, chives, mint and lavender blossom in the vase.

Flowers into strawberries!

Do you find that you need to document everything to make it seem real rather than just looking and enjoying things?

~ Pru


First Flowers of Summer

Following so much rain, the flowers are finally coming out in the garden.  Of course it is now boiling hot and so I know that nothing will last long and my job of Head Waterer (we have a hosepipe ban in place) is definitely confirmed.

Early evening on Friday looking down the garden from my garden seat.  Bliss.

Foxgloves in lilac and white.  I like the lilac the best.  Mum likes the white.

Already fading, but the first yellow rose on the arch.  This one is on the opposite side:

And my beloved peonies are starting to come out of hiding (yippee!)

~ Pru

A Trip to Mottisfont – The Roses

For the past couple of years I have wanted to make a trip into Hampshire to see Mottisfont. The reason? Martha Stewart. In Martha’s Gardening Month by Month book she mentions visiting Mottisfont and being overwhelmed by the variety of roses in the gardens at Mottisfont. Well! If Martha can be overwhelmed and amazed then I was certain that I would be too – and I wasn’t wrong.

Photos honestly don’t do these gardens justice. There are two walled gardens within the grounds of Mottisfont – they join on from one another and were the reason that most of the visitors were there.

So, after taking the recommendation from Martha Stewart and finding that it was a very good place to visit – have you got any ideas where this English girl should venture to next in the UK?

~ Pru