Martha Mondays – Strawberry Shortcakes

It was my pick for Martha Mondays this week and in the hope of keeping the warm weather around I chose Strawberry Shortcakes. I swear it started raining as soon as I sent the email through to Brette with my pick!

Yep, the true British summer is with us. Out are the t-shirts and skirts and in are cardigans and umbrellas. The fire is even on in the living room.

Still. I don’t care. There were shortcakes, cream and strawberries to look forward to. Okay, now I thought that shortcakes would be different to a scone, more biscuity or something. But they are like a scone. They are fiddly to slice, and I did use a cutter for mine instead of doing the very un-Martha-ish thing to do and just cut them into eight squares. If a recipe doesn’t call for a couple of bowls, every measuring cup, at least four different spoons and a tape measure then it just doesn’t seem like a proper Martha recipe but the shortcakes only required one bowl. It was incredible.

Okay, enough with the chatter. Our verdict? We loved them. I would use this recipe again instead of my usual scone recipe. I liked that the strawberries had softened in the sugar. It was a winner.

I hope anyone else who made them liked them (and that you enjoyed them in warmer, dryer weather!)

~ Pru