Summer Colour

This past week and so far this week too have been warm. Hot even. And it has been lovely to actually feel like summer is here.

A burst of colour is all around and I had to take a few photos to remind me that summer can eventually turn up in London – it just takes a long, long time!

And my favourite colour at the moment?

Orange! Which means red isn’t too far away now.

~ Pru

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Vegetable bread salad

I was so pleased to do a salad task for this week’s Martha Mondays project. And yet again we wanted to kiss Megan on the forehead for another great pick.

It was a great salad to make especially as the courgette, cucumber and green beans came from the allotment.

This was one of those times when I read the recipe as I made dinner. Probably a mistake as the bread should have been baked and then cooled but I just didn’t want to wait so the bread went in still a bit warm and was eaten before the bread had a chance to go soft.

Verdict? Well we loved it. The vegetables kept their texture, the dressing was lovely and tasty and this will be repeated alot in our house. I’m already thinking of different combinations : broccoli and marinated peppers and chargrilled vegetables of any kind would be great. And now I’m hungry again!

~ Pru

The Rain Did Good

Although I am tiring of the rain I have to admit that it has done the garden and allotment a world of good. Everything is growing so well and looking so healthy. It is still too wet over the allotment to do much but a quick cursory check showed very good signs the other day.

Our first gourd. Halloween will be here before we know it.

The 16 tomato plants are doing really well. Flowers but no tomatoes yet. Pruning and sorting to take place as soon as it is less wet.

A bit more sunshine and the blackberries will be ready!

~ Pru