Let Me Check My Diary

Yep.  Nah. No room in my diary this week.  Fully booked.  Try next week.  The diary is pretty free then.

You know sometimes when weeks go by and they just keep plodding on.  Nothing that special happens, nothing to get dressed up for or write in the diary and it all gets a bit boring.  Just going about the motions day after day.

Well this week isn’t one of those weeks.  Oh no, its turned on its head and has all gone a bit crazy.  In fact I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. I’ve ended up scheduling everything.  The days and times when I’ll wash my hair, my travel plans, what buses I need to take, what time the trains run, a time to go to the bank (knowing that this will take all lunch time).  I’ve got singing class tomorrow and practice to do before then.  I walked home this evening practicing my scales.  Thank goodness it was quiet(!).  Dinner with friends in London on Wednesday and a hangover to contend with on Thursday morning, and then another dinner on Thursday with a very close friend.

See, busy.  I’ll need a rest come the weekend.  But it should be oh so good.  Expect a great post on Friday (Its Daring Baker’s Reveal Day).

Oh, and I was thinking of taking photos at dinner on Wednesday as we are going to Bill Granger’s new restaurant.  What do you think about taking photos (on my phone) at dinner?  Acceptable in small doses or completely wrong.  Views please!

~ Pru


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